Punch Regios de Punch Limited Edition 2017


Overview: Punch Regios de Punch – Limited Edition 2017

The Regios De Punch Limited Edition is a Hermosos Especial vitola, measuring 120mm in length with a 49 ring gauge. This is the first time Habanos has used this vitola in its portfolio.

The Punch Regios is beautifully presented in the distinctive maduro wrappers, and finished with the striking gold band that is signature for all Limited editions. The maduro leaves are aged independently for two years, adding a deep richness to the flavour of these cigars.

Aromas of leather, oak and spice float off this cigar and transition into flavours once lit, with additional flavours of nutmeg, hazelnut and a warm earthiness come through in the first third. The strength hovers just slightly above the medium strength mark, the body is a medium full.

The draw is excellently smooth, smoke is surprisingly abundant and silky smooth in texture with a creamy quality. In the final third a strong nut flavour comes through to mingle with pepper, then a bit of sweetness joins the profile with touches of orange citrus.

This is a wonderfully balanced smoke that you can expect to enjoy for around 90 minutes.

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