La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas (25) Expand

La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas (25)

La Flor De Cano La Flor De Cano


It has the same format as the Delicias, by Fonseca, and has pactically the same qualities. Well made, with good combustion and draw, but little strength. Its price matches its quality.



Box/Pack Size:
Box of 25

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Qty of BoxesPrice per BoxSavings
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Length4.8 inches (124mm)
Ring Gauge40
Packing CodeCB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25
Factory ShapeStandard
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeBox of 25

Easy Smoke

No review would matter without actually receiving the product you ordered. A wonderful transaction ended with the arrival of a first class package on my central Florida doorstep. Inside was a thoughtfully packaged box of La Flor De Cano's with a Boveda 69% humidity control pack. My anxiety started to subside as I worked through the packaging. Examining the box and comparing it to websites dedicated to authenticating Cuban cigars, I began to relax even more. All the seals and stamps were legitimate. Opening the box showed evenly spaced and sized cigars, with bands lined up in a nice straight line. Sliding off the cedar sleeve revealed a beautiful Cuban cigar. I lite one up and found a mild cigar, easy to smoke for a newbie, it had the traditional gray ash and earthy undertones of a real Cuban. Working through the box you'll find some variations in how the sticks breath. Some required considerable effort, while others were an absolute delight. If you're new to cigars, this is an excellent choice. If looking for a legitimate retailer Cuban Lou's is an excellent choice. So, relax, buy a box and enjoy.

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We had just finished an excellent Easter brunch at a freinds home and I settled down to a cup of coffee and and this cigar. Since I enjoy a light to medium cigar this filled the bill. The draw was good and it left a nice ash. It last under a half hour which was just right.


    Both the construction and draw of this cigar were good; sustained even burn for the duration. Smoke was quite mild and almost oily near the finish. Lower priced cigar, but not the best in its range (Romeo y Julietta coronas en cedro is a better option and only costs a little more). Also seemed to burn rather fast and only lasted for about 40 min.


      This is the cigar that got me started... It's mild enough for a casual smoker, but has a good flavor that will make you want to come back. Personally, I like the Petit Corona size and the length of the smoking experience it gives.


        It burned easily and evenly, had a faint hint of cedar all the way through the cigar, and the flavor stayed with it until the end with little variation. For being such a small cigar, it lasted longer than I expected. Not the neatest in appearance, but still a good mild to medium strength cigar. I would recommend this to anyone who has not tried a Cuban. This one is mild enough for nearly any cigar smoker.

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          La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas (25)

          La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas (25)


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