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Juan López Seleccion No.2 (25)

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Together with the Seleccion No. 1, these are undeniably the two best cigars from Juan Lopez. These cigars have propelled Juan Lopez from a 2nd class manufacturer into the league of great cigar makers. The "robusto size" smoker will really appreciate this cigar.



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Length4.8 inches (124mm)
Ring Gauge50
Packing CodeSLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25
Factory ShapeRobustos
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeSLB of 25

Outstanding cigar. I was first introduced to these in St. Maartins early in 2002 and have been a fan of them since. Thanks to Cuban Lou's for carrying them. Outstanding smoke for individuals familiar with the subtleties of a full-bodied cigar. Age them for a couple of years and enjoy the spice, leather and coffee notes that come with age. Outstanding.


    I don't have the box from these anymore, but I think they were early 2010. I've had them before and loved them. However they are a bit too expensive for me now, but I bought a double box because they were on special, and I'm glad I did. The appearance, build and draw are faultless. For the first third they are very light and almost without flavour, but as soon as the second third starts the flavours, strength and volumes of smoke all increase dramatically! It continues like this and a spiciness appears in the final third which stays and increases a lot towards the nub. Lasting ona and a half hours, it is a truly satisfying smoke, never harsh or hot. I actually feel "full" when it's finished. Highly recommended. I hope they're on special again soon.


      Construction is veiny and bumpy but that is my only complaint. The middle half of this cigar is like no other. There is a deep earthy flavor i cannot describe nor have i tasted in other cubans. Really must try.


        Been without these in my humidor for 2 years or so, decided that I needed to try them again. They arrived without incident (thank you Cuban Lou's), placed them in my humidor to rest a week, decided I wanted one. Time to take the dog out for a walk, lit up my Juan Lopez and down the elevator to my dog park, sun was setting on a crisp Texas evening, sat on a bench and relaxed. Across on another hill I saw a neighbor opening their observatory roof. Stars were popping out and I am humming "the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas", the cigar was a joy, lots of nice smoke, tastes of light spice and coffee. Why did I wait for these treats? Don't be me, order now!


          I have smoked a lot of Cubans and this one is my new go to. My absolute favorite Cuban(s) for the record are the Sig 6 & Mag 50. For an every day cigar, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the JL #2. It is neither too strong or too mild, it is a perfect smoke at a perfect price. The appearance, construction and value are 10's. I would knock the taste only in reference to the two aforementioned cigars. These cigars also have perfect burn, copious amounts of smoke, and look great with about an inch of ash. Makes you appreciate your time with them.


            These puppies were okay but with a little aging this lil guy will be a powerhouse! I know the potential of JL and these sticks are very young. A little time in the humidor should season this stick up! Another year in the humidor and this will get 10's across the board! Cuban Lous delivers again!


              First of all the Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 arrived from Cuban Lou's in perfect condition. I promptly placed them in the humidor to settle in and as is the case always for me I find it hard to wait to try a new Cuban. The perfect situation presented itself about a week later when my wife's work mates came for pizza cooked in our wood fired oven. After enjoying freshly made and cooked pizza I asked her boss, a really great guy and former Navy gent, if he would like to join me with a cigar. His grin said it all and we retired from the mostly non-smoking group and sat on our back porch to fire up our Lopez. Before lighting we noticed the fine hand rolled construction and aroma of the raw tobacco. Upon lighting, the first flavors exhibited the youthfulness of the cigar, but after two-three puffs we were delighted with a rich old world flavor. No nonsense, just a great smoke. As the cigar progressed I was impressed with subtle nuiances of flavor. This cigar is attractively priced and competes well with other robustos. In fact, for my taste it is equal to if not a bit better than the Partagas Series 'D' and Ramon Allones Specially Selected. We smoked our Lopez to the end and both of us agreed that we had discovered a great new cigar. This cigar needs to get more press because it's a first class smoke.


                Ordered a box of JLSn2 and waiting for it all August. Its worth a while !
                Long time passed from my last JLSn2; Colorado, thin veins, smelling great. Fresh ( Apr 2010 ). When light pepper and pepper, leather and caramel follows; at the second chocolate and nougat cream mixed with pepper.The last third with dark chocolate and strong spiced coffee. I'm used with Boli, Partagas and Cohiba and for this Juan Lopez Seleccion n°2 I have only a word :GREAT!


                  Last Monday I've got a box of Seleccion n°2; 10 years passed from the last time I've tasted a JL S2. This afternoon a Great Cigar brings me in paradise for an hour ! Even if it is a fresh puro, it was a good experience. I'm used with Boli, Partagas and Cohiba and today JL S2 becames part of my Humidor !
                  Pepper mixed with Chocolate and coffee in the first third; in the second pepper leaves my toungue and Caramel joined by Leather. The last third was a strong greasy mix of all of them!
                  Great !


                    Got five of these in a sampler pack and this was the first of the sampler that I picked out. It was sunset on a warm fall day in Texas, sitting outside with the sun setting, beautiful oak trees to shade me and the sunset hi-liting the red berries on a small tree as I roasted the foot of this cigar. Its constructiion and beauty were outstanding, the burn was even and exceptionally consistent. The ash was a nice shade of gray, showing the toothiness of the aging of the wrapper. The flavor was not overpowering, but nice and spicy and full without the slap to the face of say a Partagas (which I dealy love by the way). Now I must decide if I want to purchase a box of these, their construction quality alone drives me in that direction. I think that they and the Partagas will be my robustos of choice for a while (this Juan Lopez to replace the Bolivar Royal Corona in my rotation). Thanks again Cuban Lou's for exposing me to a new cigar.


                      This is the only Juan Lopez I've had but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Black pepper base with vanilla and leather. Nice floral notes come through in the second third. A lot of cigar for a little price. Copious amounts of smoke and great construction. On my list of humi staples.


                        congratulation to Juan Lopez. great smoke. simply perfect.this is my absolutly fave.


                          These are a wonderful cigar. They don't get the acclaim other Habanos get, but they are equal to any Cuban on the market. They arer loaded with flavor and smoke like a dream. Their taste is amazing and they should be added to your humidor.


                            I've had the RASS, the Partagas Serie D, and the Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill...this is the best! Well made, burns evenly, and the flavors are second to go to cigar from here on in...


                              If you are looking for a medium body robusto this is it. The quality is there and that great earthy tast is there to go along with it


                                Authentic (enough said!)


                                  As a fan of the Juan Lopez No. 1, I had to try the much-talked-about No. 2. I smoked my very first one today, and the best way to describe it is "excellent!" The construction was impressive: dark, oily wrapper with a couple of prominent veins but nothing to take away from the overall appeal. Merely holding the cigar in my fingers was a real sensory treat. The aroma as I lit the foot was enticing. The draw was tight but adequate (could it be because I used a punch instead of cutting the cap?) and the burn was fairly even. My first puff contained toasty, nutty flavors which remained prominent through the first third of the smoke. The second phase tasted earthy, grassy and vegetal with a prominent spicyness. During the final phase, the vegetal taste really came to the forefront, accented by a heftier kick of spice on the back of my tongue. With a couple years aging, I can see this cigar rivaling the likes of any of the Cuban Robusto Big Boys.


                                    This cigar is not well known, but should be! It is very dark and oily, and has a perfect burn and draw. It shows a lot of dark, roasted, earthy flavors with some spice. It has a twang to it as well, which makes it delicious. Age these. They will be even better.


                                      Ordered a box of these after reading the review and rating in Cigar Afficionado. Superb, fine smoke. Big full cigar which reminds me of the Cuban cigars from many years ago. This style is what separated the strong Cuban cigars from the Dominicans and Honduranians. Will be one of my favorites!


                                        this is a great stick...a joy for a 20 minute burn in LA traffic..or in the backyard..full body, great burn...i've smoked hundreds of these..very consistant..for the can't beat it


                                          Great Size, wonderful burn, perfect oil on the wrapper.


                                            Un puro que no puedo encontrar aqui en España y que es uno de mis preferidos .Esta caja ha llegado perfecta ,hasta con el color que me gusta es un placer fumarlo,nos da todo el sabor antes que su hermano el nº1


                                              ive been smoking cubans for many years.. this little gem is top shelf... right up there with the petite edmundo.. this is a full body robusto..keep these handy kevin, this is my new fave

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                                                Juan López Seleccion No.2 (25)

                                                Juan López Seleccion No.2 (25)


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