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Overview: Jose L. Piedra Conservas

Jose L Piedra Cazadores are named for their vitola, measuring 140mm in length with a 44 ring gauge. These cigars are filled with tobacco from Remedios, in the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba. 

All of the cigars in the Jose L. Piedra range are Tripa Corta, Totalmente a Mano – Short filler, Handmade, as a direct result of this, JLP  cigars are an incredible value price. Their white branded bands are hand applied and the contrast pops against the color of the rich tobacco leaf, they are finished with a traditional cuban cap.  

The Conservas gave off a full earthy aroma that carried through into the flavour, along with cedar and dashes of sweetness and pepper. The smoke output was generous from the start, and in the second half some additional flavours of baking spices and the sweet notes picked up intensity. 

This cigar makes an excellent everyday smoke, unpretentious and excellent for handing out to your friends that want to try a traditional cuban. These pair excellently with a double espresso to start the day off right, expect a smoking time of 45 minutes.

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6 reviews for Jose L. Piedra Conservas

  1. Khary B.

    Just got my first shippment from CL! Fast and everything perfect! Got a box of these bad boys and could not wait to try and smoked one right away! I’m pretty new to smoking cubans but this was the best for the money I have ever had! Every puff tasted smooth and great kinda chocolate toned. Some cigars look a little flat but overall they look good and are constructed well. Burned great, but had a tight draw so I loosened it up and all was good! Smelled so good to! Man now I’m hooked! I would recommend to anyone.

  2. Albert H.

    First time I smoked this particular cigar, and am planning to buy more. Very flavorful, easy draw, quite relaxing smoke.
    I highly recommend this cigar for a quiet afternoon in the shade.

  3. Antranig B.

    they came in a bundle and were warped, dried and miss shaped. Bad out of the wrapper ( and by that i mean unsmokable) Left in the humi they are smokable but i am not enjoying them, i would save up more money ( they are quite cheap) and get a diplo #4 as these smokes cannot measure up

  4. Billy P.

    I have smoked alot of cigars over the years and I am happy to say that for the cost, this is an exceptional cigar with a cup oif coffee in the morning.

  5. Robert J.

    I smoked both Conservas and Brevas; it seems that Conservas have better construction and more consistent wrapper color.
    I know that these come from Vuelto Arriba – secondary tobacco growing region, but they provide a wonderful smoking experience – the real cubanesque flavor that can not be duplicated anywhere else – these smoke better than any $5 cigars made in other countries.
    A terific value at about $2.00 per stick!

  6. h. (verified owner)

    I like the size and construction of these, consistent & burn / draw well. They smell grassy, light and honest.
    As you toast it hints of spicy mysteries to come. By no means strong, many mistake refined for boring. It’s complexity must be uncovered, searched for.
    Easy draw and fairly easy billows of aroma. Mostly a light creamy grass flavor, but there are some earth, leather and spice flavors in the mid ground even from the start.
    I enjoy the mouth feel of this unrushed. I think smoking this quickly allows it to heat up and develop, or accentuate, it’s spicy elements. But I enjoy the cooler smoke, I enjoy the spice, chocolate & earth in the background. Where others are ruined by rushing, this is just different.
    The last third. Still smooth, yet intense. I taste sassafras,
    Caramel & cinnamon in the final third.
    After a year in my humidor these are even better.
    This is one of the best of this brand. Consistent. Value.

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