Jose L. Piedra Cazadores


Overview: Jose L. Piedra Cazadores

Jose L Piedra Cazadores are named for their vitola, measuring 152mm in length with a 43 ring gauge, making them just a touch bigger than a standard Corona. These cigars are filled with tobacco from Remedios, in the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba.

All of the cigars in the Jose L. Piedra range are Tripa Corta, Totalmente a Mano – Short filler, Handmade, as a direct result of this, JLP  cigars are incredible value for money cigars. Their white branded bands are hand applied and the contrast pops against the color of the rich tobacco leaf, they are finished with a traditional cuban cap.  

We were pleasantly surprised by a sweet earth forward flavour off the jump, the smoke was moderately thick with a creaminess,  we found additional notes of nut and stone fruit mixed with cedar. 

This would make an excellent cigar for a day on the golf course, try it with a cloudy wheat ale to compliment the fruit notes. You can expect a smoking time of one hour.

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8 reviews for Jose L. Piedra Cazadores

  1. Michael M.

    Great value for the money makes a great daily smoke

  2. Timothy K.

    With a price like that, you just cant beat ’em. A great introduction into the Cuban world of cigars.

  3. Christopher D.

    These cigars are one of the best values available. Although indicated that they’re machine made, the bundle I received was labeled “totalamente a mano”. The flavor can’t be beat, woody and mild. They taste better than they look, the color and texture being a bit rough with notable variance between individual cigars. If they have a fault, they seem to be rolled a bit loose, as the draw is overly easy and they burn rather quickly. But if you take your time and let the nature of the cigar set the smoking pace, you’ll find them extremely enjoyable.

  4. James L.

    Don’t be put off by the low price – these are good-quality, enjoyable cigars. I took a chance and bought some and was glad that I did. Ok, they may not be the last word in depth or complexity of flavour (I found them to be fairly mild and inoffensive – that’s not a criticism) but that meant that for me, the enjoyment was different to something from e.g. Montecristo. I was a little underwhelmed, but sometimes a lighter cigar is the more appropriate choice.

    The cigars appear to be well made although there is a bit of variation in appearance – some have quite heavily-veined wrappers, others are a lot smoother and subtle.

    Expect a good hour or so’s smoking from the Cazadores, and a steady burn and very easy draw (too easy?).

    At this price, can you afford *not* to try them?

  5. Hernando O.

    Great value for the money, but not my favorite smoke. A little rouch in appearance, but solidly constructed.

  6. Eric S.

    the length is the advantage of this cigar. jose’s are well woth the money put into them. i personally am a social smoke and like to offer my friend a chance at cubans. nobody has ever been diiappointed with the cazdores

  7. James R.

    this is probably the largest low priced cigar i’ve seen, but gotta say contruction was on the bad side, looks a big rough, and the tightness of the roll can vary a bit between various sticks. however the flavor of the cigar was actually not bad for such a cheap cigar, got this earthy taste, cuban armoa, plus another distinct flavor i couldn’t quite make out, not a bad cheaper cigar to give out to friends that don’t smoke much, a decent try i would say if on a tight budget.

  8. Robert J.

    This is my second review of this cigar,
    Initially it had some musty snd earthy taste, but after two years in my humidor they developed somewhat different character – still earthy but with some sweet undertone.
    Yes, construction is lousy, somewhat underfilled with some soft spots, but how else can you get a taste of well aged cuban tobacco at $2/stick.
    Great value!

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