H.Upmann No.2


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Overview: H.Upmann No.2

H Upmann No. 2 is Piramides Vitola, measuring at 156 mm with a 52 ring gauge.
The No. 2 is a torpedo shaped cigar that offers a unique experience, from its regal shape down to the refined flavours. This is a classic in the making that will only gain popularity as its reputation continues, it’s already the clear favorite within the brand.

Earthy aromas greeted us and upon first light, we detected Upmann’s foundational
earthy flavours of wood, nut and coffee bean at the forefront, with a silky smooth smoke that starts out at a light medium strength. Additional flavours of leather and touches of sweetness from almond and honey notes came and went. The smoke output significantly increased by the halfway point as well as the strength, reaching a full medium and finishing there.

Undeniably similar to the Montecristo No.2, the production of H. Upmann’s No. 2 are much lower which makes them considerably harder to find than Monte’s, but worth the efforts if you’re able to acquire them. The price difference alone makes them worth a shot in your collection to experience and compare these superior smokes.

Expect your smoking time to last around the 2 hour mark.


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17 reviews for H.Upmann No.2

  1. Peter D.

    Great after dinner cigar,Smooth and even burn from start to finish. This is a better version of the Monte#2.Medium bodied cigar, a good compliment to a well aged Bourbon.Enjoy this hidden jewel!

  2. Gus W.

    I found this to be complex, with a very herbal grassy flavor. Not my favorite ring gage, but my first intro in H. Upmann and I will be trying more.

  3. Gavin O.

    A great torpedo. I would say the Montecristo is slightly better, but I mean very slightly. This is easily one of the best torpedos I’ve ever had, and a liitle better value than the Montecristo. Well worth the money!

  4. Daniel M.

    Parece que sea un Monte nº 2 pero a mi parecer los H.Upmann estan mas cuidados por lo general que los Montecristo y esta vitola es un ejemplo.Es un valor seguro,nunca defrauda.

  5. Yukiko H.

    This is the piramide that I need to retry. I’ve had a couple, and each has been very good, but I need a full box to determine it. However, it delivers a strong woody smoke, also full of spice and coffee. There were notes of leather on the finish, but mainly stayed woody throughout. Complex and bold. Would recommend.

  6. Pini D.

    I know that everybody compares this one to the monte 2 but i think this fine smoke should just be enjoyed for what it is…a better than most Cuban cigar. Give them time and you will be rewarded.

  7. Joseph C.

    smoked one right out of the box. The cigar confused me. A month after being in my humidor, cigar changed! Distinct flavors and final third rocketed me to Pluto!! I feel this is a true cuban and all cuban cigars need some time. I am looking extremely forward to reporting after some more aging. It is hard not to grab one every time I go to the humidor. That’s my sign its a good cigar.

  8. Marco F.

    I know often compaired next to the Monte # 2 but to me this is a tad better and smother. The one I smoked was from 2008 and was pretty good for being so young. It had that musty earthy taste that yo get with Upmann. The construction was better to me than with the Monte. If you can leave in the humidor for a few years and these will be outstanding.

  9. Bob B.

    This cigar grows up fast. She will knock you for a Nicotine loop at 10 year. Amazing how tobacco develops and this is one vitola that demonstrates that well. Great earth, leather, and citrus aromas. In a package you never get tired of.

  10. Sergey K.

    Had an exceptional stick from a fairly young box of no2’s. The ash lasted the whole cigar and i got rich woody taste with spice and hints of leather. An awesome cigar cigar well worth the price.

  11. Chris L.

    My anticipation of trying this fine stogie stopped me from letting it rest for more than a week in my humidor. When I pulled it out and inhaled the fragrance I found it completely enticing. The feel was perfect in my hand, balanced with exactly the perfect springiness. Sweet spice and leather… my mouth was already watering. After the first draw, my every expectation was exceeded. Through the smoke the flavor grew, but not becoming overwhelming near the end. Subtle differences exist between this and the Monte 2, but I rate the experience entirely as enjoyable as that formidable stogie. Partagas Series P No. 2, while wonderful. wasn’t quite in the category of this H Upmann No. 2. I have the perfect alternative to the Monte No. 2, and hope that time in the humidor will further develop the tastes of this already stellar rival.

  12. Joe V.

    What a great cigar! I bought this on the recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed. Very nice flavours and aromas. The only downside was the appearance. The wrapper was very “veiney” and rough. This did not take anything away from the cigar. The construction was flawless, the burn was perfect, and the draw was good. I will definitely be adding a box of these to my collection and recommending it to others as well.

  13. James R.

    WoW, I’m in love with Upmann #2, the flavor is simply amazing, consistent draw, smoked it with couple buddies, we smoked it all the way to the end until our fingers were ready to burn, it was that good. wish it came in larger sizes, highly recommended!

  14. a. (verified owner)

    Simply a great smoke. Smooth with great flavor. Every friend I have given one to has purchased them.

  15. Joseph M. (verified owner)

    Right on the light magnificent. Taste is a beautiful symphony of cocoa, leather, pepper and wood. This is perfect.

  16. e. (verified owner)

    The best No. 2 out there. I think it’s smoother than the Monte. Complex flavors and a perfect draw. This cigar is perfection in every way. Let them sit for 2 years and they turn magical. Goes exceptionally well with any good scotch. A perfect hour long end to your day.

  17. Walter B. (verified owner)

    Waited for about a year for the in stock notification. Definitely worth the wait. Consistently great from start to finish. After that first stick it’s going to be hard to let these get any long term humidor time.

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