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H.Upmann No.2 (25)

H.Upmann H.Upmann


The similarities with the Montecristo cigars are present in almost all the sizes of the Upmann brand. This No. 2 is one of the tapered cigars par excellence, since the care that put into the making of the H. Upmann, at times, is not present in the Montecristo cigars. The only, difference would be barely in one degree less of strength. Magnificent draw and combustion. A great Habano, only for real enthusiasts.



Box/Pack Size:
Box of 25

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Length6.1 inches (156mm)
Ring Gauge52
Packing CodeCB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25
Factory ShapePiramides
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeBox of 25

I ordered a box of 25 and waited impatiently for them to arrive. I was down to my last 3 Partagas #2s and was attempting to save them as that cigar turned out to br better then I expected. Well just in a nic of time theses puppies arrived ! As most of us do, I opened up the box as if it were Christmas morning and just let the beautiful smell waffle into the room. I respect the other reviews written but just couldn't resist the temptation to fire one of these bad boys up. I sat in the yard under the awning ( raining again in NJ ) with a glass of wine and dove right in. Started off very bland and quite frankly disappointing. BUT moments after the initial disappointment, the cigar exploded with flavor and creamy smoke like u wouldn't believe! My neighbor saw the smoke and knew what I was up to. He naturally sat down and sparked one up. He sat there and smoked this stick as if he were going to the electric chair. I must say, it turned this very dreary rain soaked day into a bright sunny one.Very enjoyable smoke with medium to full body. Although this smoke turned a bit harsh at the end, ( I attribute this to being young) I would rate this as an excellent buy and very good value. I am waiting patiently for these sticks to matue as I feel some seasoning in the humi will turn this cigar into a favorite! Thank all of u for the accurate reviews. All of them were spot on!


    Just put it in a small table humidor and let it rest good enough.
    Outstanding cigar! But only if it rests properly.
    You just wont believe what a proper aging does to this one.


      This one has surpassed all of my expectations and then some. Who cares about the Montecristo #2? This has got to be one of the best less-known smokes. As far as #2s go, this is the best I have ever had. If you are looking for a smooth, complex smoke with all of that which is Cuban, look no further.


        WoW, I'm in love with Upmann #2, the flavor is simply amazing, consistent draw, smoked it with couple buddies, we smoked it all the way to the end until our fingers were ready to burn, it was that good. wish it came in larger sizes, highly recommended!


          What a great cigar! I bought this on the recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed. Very nice flavours and aromas. The only downside was the appearance. The wrapper was very "veiney" and rough. This did not take anything away from the cigar. The construction was flawless, the burn was perfect, and the draw was good. I will definitely be adding a box of these to my collection and recommending it to others as well.


            I've purchased 4 boxes of the Number Two's and they are excellent. Every other box, however, has had two cigars that were wrapped too tight and did not smoke well. I guess that's a good percentage, 96 out of 100. I still love my Monte Cristo #2's, and I won't compare and say this is almost as good. The Upmann 2 is an excellent cigar in its own right, fantastic flavors and smokes well down to the nub. Let them sit in your humidor, the flavor really does change for the better over a period of weeks and months.


              My anticipation of trying this fine stogie stopped me from letting it rest for more than a week in my humidor. When I pulled it out and inhaled the fragrance I found it completely enticing. The feel was perfect in my hand, balanced with exactly the perfect springiness. Sweet spice and leather... my mouth was already watering. After the first draw, my every expectation was exceeded. Through the smoke the flavor grew, but not becoming overwhelming near the end. Subtle differences exist between this and the Monte 2, but I rate the experience entirely as enjoyable as that formidable stogie. Partagas Series P No. 2, while wonderful. wasn't quite in the category of this H Upmann No. 2. I have the perfect alternative to the Monte No. 2, and hope that time in the humidor will further develop the tastes of this already stellar rival.


                Had an exceptional stick from a fairly young box of no2's. The ash lasted the whole cigar and i got rich woody taste with spice and hints of leather. An awesome cigar cigar well worth the price.


                  This cigar grows up fast. She will knock you for a Nicotine loop at 10 year. Amazing how tobacco develops and this is one vitola that demonstrates that well. Great earth, leather, and citrus aromas. In a package you never get tired of.


                    I know often compaired next to the Monte # 2 but to me this is a tad better and smother. The one I smoked was from 2008 and was pretty good for being so young. It had that musty earthy taste that yo get with Upmann. The construction was better to me than with the Monte. If you can leave in the humidor for a few years and these will be outstanding.


                      smoked one right out of the box. The cigar confused me. A month after being in my humidor, cigar changed! Distinct flavors and final third rocketed me to Pluto!! I feel this is a true cuban and all cuban cigars need some time. I am looking extremely forward to reporting after some more aging. It is hard not to grab one every time I go to the humidor. That's my sign its a good cigar.


                        I know that everybody compares this one to the monte 2 but i think this fine smoke should just be enjoyed for what it is...a better than most Cuban cigar. Give them time and you will be rewarded.


                          This is the piramide that I need to retry. I've had a couple, and each has been very good, but I need a full box to determine it. However, it delivers a strong woody smoke, also full of spice and coffee. There were notes of leather on the finish, but mainly stayed woody throughout. Complex and bold. Would recommend.


                            Parece que sea un Monte nº 2 pero a mi parecer los H.Upmann estan mas cuidados por lo general que los Montecristo y esta vitola es un ejemplo.Es un valor seguro,nunca defrauda.


                              A great torpedo. I would say the Montecristo is slightly better, but I mean very slightly. This is easily one of the best torpedos I've ever had, and a liitle better value than the Montecristo. Well worth the money!


                                I found this to be complex, with a very herbal grassy flavor. Not my favorite ring gage, but my first intro in H. Upmann and I will be trying more.


                                  Excellent aroma, construction and combustion. A great medium bodied cigar to be enjoyed with single malt scotch after a nice meal.


                                    Great after dinner cigar,Smooth and even burn from start to finish. This is a better version of the Monte#2.Medium bodied cigar, a good compliment to a well aged Bourbon.Enjoy this hidden jewel!

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                                      H.Upmann No.2 (25)

                                      H.Upmann No.2 (25)


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