H.Upmann Majestic


Overview: H.Upmann Majestic

H. Upmann Majestic is a Cremas vitola with measurements of 140mm in length and a 40 ring gauge. The Majestic has characteristics that are typical of H. Upmann cigars but this one has a subtlety that makes it a unique offering.

Moderately sized and easy going in its delivery, this delightful cigar offers a herbaceous and earthy blend of flavours. Strength starts off slowly offering a light profile filled with notes of nut, salt and wood. As the cigar burned the intensity increased to a medium and the nut flavours were bold, not a complex bouquet but highly enjoyable.
You can expect to enjoy the Majestic for just under one hour, with just the right amount of flavours for morning or afternoon smokes, pair it with an espresso on the side.
Relatively young in age these cigars would do well with some resting time in your humidor to allow deeper flavours to develop.


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3 reviews for H.Upmann Majestic

  1. Gavin O.

    Not terribly complex, but this little cigar drew like a dream. Fans of Upmann cigars will not be dissappointed. This cigar would benefit from a little aging, but I don’t think it will age nearly as long as some Upmann’s are capable of.

  2. Bob B.

    This is a hand made small vitola that has a character like most of the marca, but is slightly salty. Must be a combination of Vuelta Abajo & Arriba tobacco. Definitely the best small cigar in the marca. Give it a 89 young and 94 potential.

  3. James R.

    for the size of this cigar and its lower price range, this is a definite buy as your daily smoke. excellent contruction and burn, flavor has parts of typical upmann flavor, woody, leather like taste, leaving a very strong flavor in your mouth for hours after you have finished. i would be back buying more of these beauties, very affordable smoke!

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