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H.Upmann Magnum 46 SLB (25)

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The Magnum's flavors come out fully toward the middle. Corona Gorda and it's very impressive: beautiful oily wrappers, flawless construction, excellent draw and a rich toasty flavor with lots of chewy body and an exotic aroma. They were a tad youthful at first but are aging very well and mellowing into a medium smoke with hints of baked bread & chocolate. Great in the daytime with coffee.



Box/Pack Size:
SLB of 25

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Length5.6 inches (143mm)
Ring Gauge46
Packing CodeSLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeCoronas Gordas
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeSLB of 25

Many aficionados I talk to insist that a Cuban cigar doesn't begin to open up and offer its true nature without a few years of age. The Magnum 46 is a cigar that truly defies that opinion. Even young I find that these have a smoothness of flavor that rounds out a surprisingly full body and potency for an Upmann. Even burn, plenty of smoke production, and the aroma that comes off of the wrapper as it warms up is pure Habanos.


    The box I received was a tad young and I like to smoke em right outta the box! Light wrapper, which surprised me ,but excellent aroma filled the room just as soon as I lit the first one up. Just smoked one today with about 11 days in the humi and was really good. Much more refined with smoother flavors from start to finish. Love this cigar and would buy more just need my main man Kevin to keep an eye out for a real oily DARK box!! Thanks Cubanlous and thanks Kevin !


      I have had many of these and they are darn good. I prefer these over its bigger brother the mag 50. The ones I have had have been filled just right. the Mag 50 seem underfilled and with just a tad less flavoe. This you get pleanty of woody, leather earty floavor


        A very smooth and medium bodied smoke! Good construction and solid flavors, i would say light to medium strength. I definitely enjoyed this smoke, but not on par with the romeo and juilieta, montecrhisto robustos as far as flavor and strength.


          Definitely in the top 10. You get a wonderful orange zest from the aroma, along with earth and leather. Just a mouth watering long finish that I can still taste every time I think of them.


            Well constructed light to medium-bodied Havana that gives a good shot of finely blended tobacco. Should age well. Burns well. It's the kind of cigar that could grow on you. Let it age.


              Wow...love this cigar. Rich and smooth...everything a good cuban cigar should be.


                One of my favourite Cigars! Exellent price-value- ratio! A fine, medium strong smoke with a decent sweet taste at the beginning and the typcal cuban cigar flavour. The brand is very regular. You can get for the same money a box of Cohiba Siglo II. The H. Upmann last much longer and I would not say taht the smoke of the Cohiba is finer.


                  Great go to smoke. They are sweet at the beginning and hold a floral feel until the end. Medium boddied, smooth and well made. Great value.


                    I've read many good reviews on this cigar and had to check it out for myself. The Magnum 46 sure lives up to it's reputation one of the best smokes I've experienced.

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                      H.Upmann Magnum 46 SLB (25)

                      H.Upmann Magnum 46 SLB (25)


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