H.Upmann Coronas Major


Overview: H.Upmann Coronas Major

The H. Upmann Coronas Major is a Mareva vitola, with a length of 129mm and a 43 ring gauge.

A wonderful aroma of milk chocolate jumped off this cigar, and gave us hints of cinnamon and honey on the cold draw. On first light flavours of cedar and vanilla were prominent, with notes of citrus and tea chiming into the wonderful herbal tobacco flavour that has a notable sweetness.

The Coronas Major starts out at a medium full strength profile but creeps up towards a full strength by the second half, and leaves a distinct espresso taste on the palate after the finish, which you can expect around the one hour mark.

This cigar is not recommended for our novice smokers, maintaining a strong medium to full strength with a straight forward approach in its profile, it is better suited to smokers that have developed a pallet for Habanos.

Pairs excellently with a bourbon to pack a punch and echo the herbaceous qualities of the cigar.


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5 reviews for H.Upmann Coronas Major

  1. Christopher D.

    Excellent flavor, earthy/woody and rich. Strong but not overwhelming or harsh. Very good draw, even burn and excellent overall experience! I’ll be keeping these on hand regularly.

  2. Josh K.

    And thats where it ends. Once you get into the cigar there is not much to it. It is not very complex but it does have a great draw and does produce a LOT of smoke which I love. For flavor I would have to say spicy cedar but it is pretty consistent throughout. Even burn with a great white ash that stuck to the cigar till I was almost at the half way point.

  3. Hernando O.

    These are good smokes. Creamy with medium flavor. Make for a nice smoke any time of the day. Appearence was great, taste was outstanding right out of the tube!

    Cuban Lous delivers again!

  4. Marco F.

    UMMM these are a fine smoke at a great value. The ones I have had recently have been a tad wet so I would tell you to check this out when you get them and if need be open the tube cap and leave it off and dry box them. For the money they offer , earthywith woody taste and can sometimes be on the strong side. For the money they can’t be beat.

  5. Bob B.

    Light on flavor considering it’s capsulation, but good never the less. Great cigar to take with you on the golf course.

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