H.Upmann Coronas Junior A/T (25) Expand

H.Upmann Coronas Junior Tubos (25)

H.Upmann H.Upmann





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A nice cigar similar to the Coronas Minor, with a slightly thinner ring gauge.

Length4.5 inches (115mm)
Ring Gauge36
Packing CodeCB-UW-C/S-12,13-A/T-25
StrengthLight - Medium
Factory ShapeCadetes

I have never purchased H.Upmann cigars before but these where on sale so I ordered a box. Thought they where to be aluminum tubed but when I received them they were plain(like tubes for traveling). My disappointment disappeared when I saw the December 07 box date. These cigars are little flavor bombs of leather and spice and simply a joy to smoke. Hope I can save some but they might disappear in smoke.


    Great cigar to pick up or take traveling. The only thing great I can say about it is how well preserved they are. You notice this when you get cigars in tubes and pouches.

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      H.Upmann Coronas Junior Tubos (25)

      H.Upmann Coronas Junior Tubos (25)