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Hoyo Petit Robusto SLB (25)

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Mild and earthy beginning. Evolves progressively without being aggressive. A very pleasant cigar. Reminds us with the glory days of Cuba. The finish is outstanding.



Box/Pack Size:
SLB of 25

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Length4.0 inches (102mm)
Ring Gauge50
Packing CodeSLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25
StrengthLight - Medium
Factory ShapePetit Robustos
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeSLB of 25

When this smoke first came out, I liked the size 4x50 it made sense. I smoked a few but at that time I was a cigarette smoker as well. I was not satisfied. However there was definitely something there. It did something different from most cigars it built and progressed as you smoked it. I am now only a cigar smoker. This is the best cigar avavailable from HOYO. I think to myself maybe it should last longer but no it is what it is! Starts mild and builds with intensity. In the beginning you are not quite satisfied but it tastes great. At the end you want more. The finish is miles better than an epicure no.2. For me close to a perfect smoke.


    I have smoked at least six boxes of these over the last few years. I usually have them in the morning with coffee and a newspaper, or on my lunch break. Like the other Hoyos I've smoked, good construction, even burn, fantastic flavors. You really get that chocolate flavor towards the end. Other flavors on lighting up and smoking it down are nuts and leather.


      Once you get this box and open it for the first time,,,,, the smell is extraordinary!!!!!
      I like this particular size as its does seem to taste better than the larger versions.
      A great smoke when I'm out with the guys or at a nice bar...
      Honestly even out reading the morning paper & a coffee,,, makes me wish it was morning while writing this :-)
      Great Smoke!!!!!


        This short, stout robusto looks phenomenal. It had perfect construction, a spongy feel, was oily, and had amazing pre light aroma. It smoked like a dream. It imparted an amazingly rich array of flavors. Steady earthiness throughout, with cocoa dusting, hazelnuts, leather, and chocolate. The spice on it balanced the smoke just enough. Medium to med-full bodied


          i read the reviews for this cigar, and felt i had to try it. when i did, i have no doubt this is one of the best cigars i have yet smoked.I couldn't resist to try one when they arrived [ excellent delivery cuban lou!], and have put some aside hoping to smoke them 6 months to a years time, but i will be amazed if they last that long. an even burn, and a wonderful flavour, you really will be burning your fingers to get the last puff !!


            After reading reviews in major publications in my search for an acceptable smaller, faster smoking stick than my favorite robustos (Bolivar Royal Corona being one) I settled on trying the Hoyo. I made the mistake of smoking one immediately upon receipt - with this stick do as they say, let it rest for a few days after transit as it smoked with a dirty, gritty taste. After about 4-5 days rest in my humidor I ventured out on a Saturday morning with a cup of strong black coffee and my Hoyo. Lighting it with a ST Dupont and a strip of cedar I discovered that those 4-5 days totally changed the experience, for a smaller faster smoke it is full of great leather and chocolate flavors and is now my daily smoke before work. Don't fail to give this cigar a try - it just might replace your bigger sticks more often than you think.


              Ordered a box of these from Lou's about 3 months ago. I had one left over from a box bought last year and it had spent 13 months in a humidor.
              At a good friends wedding I smoked a younger one first then followed straight after with it's aged brother. Younger one was good, but the aged stick was fantastic.
              Goes to show what some good care can do for the same smoke. Granted it was from a different year, crop and production run. I'll just have to see f I can leave a couple in thier for another year. Don't fancy my chances though!.


                This magnificent little treasure is packed with flavor. The ring guage is perfect. If you are like me and on the run all the time this is the cigar for you. It has a larger ring guage but the length of the cigar is such that it will not take you more than 35-40 minutes to enjoy from lighting up to that last perfect draw. It has a great flavor too. You can't lose by buying a box of these goodies.


                  Well constructed with a good draw. Very consistant. Starts with a nice ceder tone and developes into a earthy spice. Overall great smoke for the price.


                    An excellent Cigar to "pick up" and "put down". full bodied and expressive and the smoke progresses. Good value for the quality.



                      I usually like to relax with a torpedo, but when time is short this is the cigar for me. I am most impressed by the great flavor for such a short smoke. This cigar will definetely give you your money's worth.


                        I had one of these babies given to me several months ago before I found Cuban Lou's. I just now had another. I burned my fingers both times. And the verdict is? Just ordered two boxes. Taste great, less expensive. Pull your credit card out of your wallet & order now. I did.


                          What what a difference I dont want to let it go, it is soooooo good that i only have 3 left just ordered another box this will give any other full robusto a run for its money imho.


                            Great little cigar a hell of alot better then the epicure 2. I smoked one right out of the box and got more different flavors of spice cream and floral notes then I got out of an epicure 2 that was sitting in the Humidor for quite awhile and I purchased that epicure from this site so that goes to show that the Petit Robusto rocks way better then the epi2.

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                              Hoyo Petit Robusto SLB (25)

                              Hoyo Petit Robusto SLB (25)


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