Hoyo Epicure No.1 SLB (25) Expand

Hoyo Epicure No.1 SLB (25)

Hoyo De Monterrey Hoyo De Monterrey


The new generation Habano that is leading the market. Its refined presentation is the logical finish in accordance with its good texture, blend and origin. It is the Corona Gorda par excellence. A Hoyo de Monterrey that opens the way for what will be the Habano of the future.




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Length5.6 inches (143mm)
Ring Gauge46
Packing CodeSLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25
StrengthLight - Medium
Factory ShapeCoronas Gordas
Country of OriginCuba

After sitting in my humidor since late September and despite my resolution to give them some aging I rewarded myself with one.
Visually this is a beautifull vitola with smooth vain-free colorado wrapper, expertly applied tripple cap and adorned by double band indication that this is not just another cigar. It felt somewhat light in hand, soft and spongy - but isn't this what the new generation Havanas are supposed to be?
Upon cutting with a bullet cutter and lighting with a wooden match I was greeted by flavorfull, almost floral taste with good draw and beautifull silver colored ash; however, it developed an uneven burn (maybe due to a windy day) almost 3/8 inch that self-corrected at about 1/3 of length. At 1/2 the ash became darker resulting in a more intense flavor - but it lasted only for about 3/8 inch and reverted back to the original light taste and aroma.
Bottom line is that this is and excellent cigar, medium in flavor and enjoyable any time of day,it provided wandrfull smoking experience without any harshness or aftertaste.
It would be interesting to see its further development after some serious aging time.


    If you are a lover of the 46 ring size this is a smoke you must try. I have smoked a few and the quality has been spot on without any need for any touch ups. This Gorda has a herbal flavor with much depth that I think time will only improve.


      This cigar never fails to hit the spot. Have had the pleasure of tasting this habano many times over and it is consistantly great every time. Burns evenly and the pull is perfect! The finish is woody and very hard to put down. A bit veiny with a well made cap. Doesn't have the sex appeal of more well known habano's but worth a tasting. I think Monte lovers would enjoy this cigar.


        Oh My Goodness!!!

        I was gifted this lovely stick from a BOTL who wishes to remain nameless.

        Before I begin, allow me to set the stage a bit.

        I was out scouting an upcoming opponent for the football team that I coach and was really looking forward to having another stick. However, I came home and was informed that a very dear friend of mine had passed away in Baltimore. Knowing that this is not a religion forum, I will just say that this was the person whom I consider to be my spiritual dad. He introduced me to Christ some 19 years ago and the rest as they say... is history.

        OK, the cigar. I pulled this baby out of my humi and rolled it under my nose in order to take in its lovely bouquet. Inspecting its lovely Colorado wrapper, there was not a flaw to be seen, very minimal veins and nary a soft spot. A perfect three seam cap adorned this puro and the stage was set.

        I poured myself a cup of black coffee, took my punch to it, smelled it again and I detected earth and coffee. The pre-light draw was unobstructed and again, just earth and coffee with a hint of cinnamon.

        I toasted the foot with my torch, blew on it ever so slightly to even it out and took a couple of hard draws on it and we were off.

        It started out with cedar and a bit of spice. The cigar had me at hello. The first third was earthy with again, a hint of cinnamon. The second third was a bit sweeter and I thought I tasted coffee or cocoa, whatever it was, it was very creamy and very, very good.

        The last third was about the same.

        It was remarkable to me that for a smaller gauge cigar than I usually smoke it never got hot nor harsh. As a matter of fact, I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the stick and the reflection of my dear friend.

        I smoked this puro down to about an inch or so and I wanted to cry when I was done. The tears were not for my friend (although there were some and there are bound to be more), they were for the fact that this was my one and only of these sticks and I wanted this to go on forever.

        In closing, once my funds are right I will certainly be picking up a couple of these. As a matter of fact, while I am of the opinion that Ashton VSG was my favorite cigar, if I have another one or two similar experiences with this stick, it will move to the top of my list of favorites.

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          Hoyo Epicure No.1 SLB (25)

          Hoyo Epicure No.1 SLB (25)


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