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Hoyo Epicure Especial SLB (25)

Hoyo De Monterrey Hoyo De Monterrey


The New release of the Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial in 2008. This was presented during the 2008 Festival del Habanos in Havana, Cuba.



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Length5.5 inches (141mm)
Ring Gauge50
Packing CodeSLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeGordito
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeSLB of 25

same notes on this cigar as above on the flavors: cedar, leather, vanilla, and a fruit taste I cannot put my finger on, but very pleasant. I spent several years working overseas, and this cigar was always in my humidor. I'd buy two boxes at a time and let them sit. It really does improve the flavor, even as little time as a month. I liked that the Epicure was consistent, too, no matter the year, in its burn and wrapper. A very nice cigar.


    These are superb. The first cigar I have bothered to review after 5 years of regular smoking. Why bother now? I just can\'t understand why it doesn\'t have a stronger following. Perhaps the price. I\'ll admit I was only tempted to try them because they were a sale item back in November. Perhaps the brand -I have found other Hoyo\'s underwhelming. I\'m almost done with my first box. I moved the sticks to my humidor and tossed the original package, so I\'m not 100% on the box date. They need to be allowed to settle, sure, but age?... mine are fantastic after just a month. I\'ll let some sit to see what more time can do, but frankly, where can it go from where it already is? They are perhaps a bit more subtle than other Cubans, particularly for their size. They lack the intense pepper and spice and are not bitter, but come through with all kinds of other goodness, never overwhelming and never hanging around too long as to become boring. And I can really puff like a steam train on this stick without any harshness. The volume and aroma of the smoke is just bliss. They are not so good to smoke outdoors, particularly while on the move, or on a windy evening perched on a balcony. Let yourself be enveloped by the smoke and take in its aroma. I have learnt to save mine for the bar. I\'ve tried a number of drink compliments; apple juice, Guiness, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Bowmore, Chivas, Ardbeg ... and the verdict is Jagermeister! Not sure how I stumbled on that one, but it works. A warning: They are awful if dry. I smoked one after it had traveled for a couple of days and it was worse than shit. I hope others will be encouraged to try this cigar. Enjoy!


      Nice draw and construction- even burn. Mediocre aroma and
      one dimesional throughtout. Needs age.


        I have had several of these and have been very impreased with the ones I smoke. The burn has been dean on straight and the flavor of cream and vanilla shines through with these. You also get a hint of leather that makes up one fine Hoyo. They seem to smoke great even fresh.


          I generallly have an aversion to summer box codes. In this case, don't hold back. These are outSTANDing. The writer below refers to hoyo DC's and as I smoked this cigar, I thought "If I were to compare this to a hoyo DC, it would have to be a '98". That should tell you everything. The finish is amazing -- longest finish I have tasted in a hoyo for almost ten years. And it's an amazingly complex finish as well. I'm glad I followed Kevin's advice on this because I had a 10-box of hoyo epi especiales from somewhere else that were garbage. These cigars are nothing like that box at all. Man are these goood.


            This is a very young cigar having just been introduced this year as a regular item. Their youth should not hinder trying one, or more, and the experience will be rewarding. Think of cramming the flavor of a Hoyo DC into a smaller package and you will have a good starting point. Almost everything about this cigar is perfect: smooth medium body with complex flavors of cedar, fruit, vanilla and leather. Great draw. How lucky you will be to age a box or two over the long haul. The rewards are yet to be seen. My new go-to cigar for afternoon, evening, even after dinner. Smoked my first one a day after smoking a Cohiba Siglo VI and was still impressed.

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              Hoyo Epicure Especial SLB (25)

              Hoyo Epicure Especial SLB (25)


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