Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas


Overview: Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas

Hoyo De Monterrey Double Coronas are a masterpiece in the world of Habanos, a unique Prominentes Vitola with a length of 194mm and a 49 ring gauge. FIlled with the finest Cuban tobaccos, this cigar is totalmente a mano, tripa larga – man made, long filler. 

The Double Coronas is beautiful in appearance with a deep chocolate color wrapped that emits aromas of the cocoa bean mixed with cedar and spice. They started out quite mild, but as we slowly puffed the strength gradually reached medium almost full body, displaying flavours of roasted nuts, cream and some light citrus fruits. 

This cigar offers a deep complexity in its profile, it will keep your attention with its intricate transitions and delicious flavours. It is crucial that you smoke these fine cigars slowly and allow the complex bouquet to unfold delicately as you smoke. The smoking time on this cigar should be in the 2 hour range when smoked at a gentle pace recommended.

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6 reviews for Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas

  1. Marshall B.

    This is a beautiful big cigar! It was so nice looking I was happy just staring at it. The draw was smooth the taste was medium and woodsy with a beautiful aroma. You will need at least 2 hours to smoke this baby!

  2. Tammi R.

    Dear Kevin. I feel it my duty to inform you that this box of Hoyo DC’s was fabulous! I normally smoke full bodied cigars such as Ramon Allones and Saint Luis Rey. This box of Hoyo Double Coronas was an awesome change! Thank you and thank the La Corona factory for me.

  3. Yukiko H.

    A huge cigar in hand, as it looks bigger than what it actually is. Gleaming wrapper and perfect construction. The draw was good as was the burn. Flavors started with dried cedar, an undertone of spice, and a salty note. It turned to coffee bean, toasted nuts, and salt, then went back to a subpar smoke showing salty sweetness, and a harsh element on the finish. This seems to be past it’s prime, or perhaps needs a couple more years.

  4. Glenn J.

    I smoked my first Hoyo Double Corona with friends and a glass of after-dinner liqueur. The construction was superb, the draw excellent, and the taste was what a Cuban cigar should taste like: powerful but not overwhelming. I expected spicy overtones, since my friend has had the Hoyo Double Corona before and says they’re a bit too spicy for his taste. However I was surprised to experience a smooth, deep, chocolately, leathery feel. Nothing sharp or harsh. An excellent smoke and well worth the investment.

  5. Joseph M.

    My first Hoyo 2x Corona from Lou’s fell only about 10% below my expectations of this majestic stick. All else felt authentic except for a slightly more difficult DRAW, very uncharacteristic compared to my previous 50+ encounters with this normally openly flowing stick. The draw may have been effected by its uncharacteristic “BOX PRESSED” shape and TIGHT PACK, which I have never seen before either. All 50+ Hoyo 2x Coronas I had smoked in the past were perfectly cylindrical, and more loosely packed.
    But again, I was 90% happy with this first taste test, and am very much looking forward to my next.

  6. John A.

    I bought a box of 3, I was hesitatant to commit fully until I had tried one. I was well and truly impressed. I set them aside for 3 months before trying and they were wonderful. The quality of the cigar was excellent, construction and colour were impeccable. The initial light and draw were easy, even for the Double Corona size. The first quarter was a bit light in taste- but you knew there was something substantial there. As the cigar progressed it got spicier and woodier. The last quarter was definitely full of pleasing pepper flavours.I was having a coffee and a bottle of water with it and it blended perfectly with both. It remained perfectly lit throughout the smoke and at all times the cigar was pleasing to hold..As Freud once said when the Phallic shape of his cigar was brought to his attention “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

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