El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo

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  • Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme (25) Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme (25)
    Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme (25)

    Almost a Robusto, but be careful-although the difference is subtle, its gauge is slightly lower and, on the other hand, it is 3 mm. longer (1/10 of a inch). Those who confuse it with a Robusto notice that tiny difference and then attribute its smoothness and different draw to the quality of the tobacco. Nothing could be further from the truth, since this...

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  • Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse (25) Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse (25)
    Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse (25)

    A brand with a long tradition like El Rey del Mundo must also have its smallest representative, the Demi Tasse. Pleasant, light. As with the Panetelas, those who smoke something more than a cigarette but something less than a cigar have, in these formats and in this brand, a discrete companion.

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