Diplomaticos No.2


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Overview: Diplomatios No.2

Diplomaticos No. 2 are a highly coveted Piramides vitola, with a 156mm length and a 52 ring gauge. This vitola is a favorite among Habanos lovers, likely a direct result of the elite production as only the finest hands at the Jose Marti factory are asked to roll these cigars.

The exterior of the No. 2 is a gorgeous milk chocolate color that gives off aromas of caramel, cedar and spice. Large plumes of smoke that offer a luxurious thickness and display a medium to full body flavour with a slow burn that lasted just over an hour.

Initially we noted earthy flavours of wood mixed with florals that were consistent until the finish. As we continued smoking richer flavours of vanilla, nutmeg and almond developed and combined together to make an interesting and complex bouquet that left a surprising spiciness on the tongue.

This cigar is not for our novice smokers, as it offers a medium to full body and strength and the complexity of flavours, not to mention size, could be overwhelming to an unseasoned palate. That being said this is a lovely smoke that you can expect to enjoy for just over an hour, try pairing it with an espresso or a Cuban coffee for that extra kick.


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12 reviews for Diplomaticos No.2

  1. Juan N.

    I bought some of these as a cheaper alternative to the Montecristo #2, but the old adage of “You get what you pay for” remains true. There is not alternative for the Montecristo #2. This Diplomaticos was not that bad. Like any brand of Cuban cigar, the taste was unique; it was much more sharp and unbalanced. The Dip’s are not as refined as the Monte’s. There is a little bit of spice, hints of burnt wood, dry and slightly bitter earth, and some leather. Cigars actually looked great and had some sheen. Prelight aromas were not impressive. This is a med-full bodied cigar. The cigar is a good value and smoke. Compared to the Monte #2, it falls short. Standing alone, this cigar does well.

  2. Sheldon S.

    The initial smell of the unlit cigar will have a mild cedar-tobacco scent, leading you to believe that this cigar will be mild and wont be very complex. Once lit you find that it is definitely a medium bodied cigar that starts off nice and woody that gradually becomes leathery midway. The strong leather-espresso flavor near the end just creeps up on you, but maybe that’s because it was a little windy outdoors and I had to relight it twice (a sin, I know). Will have to smoke a couple more before I form a definitive opinion on these babies.

  3. Gavin O.

    A very good, yet very simple smoke. Not nearly as complex as the famous Montecristo or Upmann no. 2’s. Still a nice quality smoke for people who like mild cigars.

  4. Brian S.

    As a frequent cigar smoker I always look for a stick which is full bodied, rich in texture, and almost melts in the mouth (if a cigar can actually fulfill the last requirement, I am not sure).

    This cigar is definitely one of my favorite brands of many cubans I have smoked; its consistently well rolled, draws well and leaves me with the feeling that I should smoke another almost immediately….

  5. Yukiko H.

    This cigar has a lighter colored wrapper on it, but is excellently constructed. It has a near perfect draw and burn, and produces tons of smoke. It is very woody, showing some hard wood and cedar flavors, mixed with a touch of cafe au lait. It also shows a slight nuttiness, and touches of spice. A relatively cheap and delicious smoke.

  6. Marco F.

    I love the torpedo shape so when I had a chance to try one of these I was pretty excited. It might have been an off day but this one reminded me of a clay taste. I know these were made for a cheaper Monte #2 but stick with the Monte

  7. Bob B.

    Just a bargin of a vitola, why these are cheaper than the Monet or Partagas, I’ll never know. Definitely a finger burning good time. I give these a 94 with the possible 98 down the road. Just an awesome cigar to age well.

  8. Hernando O.

    This was a nice looking cigar. Medium brown oily wrapper, coarse, but not too coarse. Good give when squeezed but the pre-light draw was on the loose side.

    Post-light flavors included a small amount of spiciness and tastes of raw pecans. There were also hints of cinnamon and leather.

    The ash was flaky and did not hold well. The burn got a little crooked a couple times, but nothing I couldn’t live with.

    The finish was long lasting for this medium strength smoke, and the pecan, leather, and spice flavors continued through the end. I enjoyed this smoking experience.

  9. Juziel P.

    This is an amazing smoke. For fans of the Monte #2, your loyalty will be shaken. This is an amazing smoke. It’s well constructed. The flavors are more complex than the Monte and the price can’t be beaten. I enjoyed this to my mustache.

  10. James R.

    friend gave me a stick, went through it with even burn, was my first Diplomaticos, flavor was decent, wasn’t overpowering, not a bad smoke overall

  11. Octavian F.

    I normally go with different cigars, I like medium to full ones, but after I tried these, they kind of got to be my no.1. Excellent burn, strong yet elegant, I have not seen this nice strong/elegant combination before.

  12. h. (verified owner)

    excellent smoke, fianlly scored aftrer a year

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