Cuaba Tradicionales


Overview: Cuaba Tradicionales

Cuaba Tradicionales offers a medium bodied but full flavours that greet you through thick plumes of smoke. We found initial aromas of cedar forward woodiness mixed with leather and a touch of hickory. Once lit this cigar flowed into flavours of almond, cocoa and flecks of honey that left a note of sweetness on our palate while white pepper finished this 60 minute smoke.

The rich medium flavours and unique shape of this Petit Bouquet would make it an excellent introduction to the world of Cubans for the novice smoker. We do advise not to pair any drink too strong in flavour to this cigar for fear of overpowering, go for a creamy cappuccino or light white wine for a delicious pairing.

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Judging by its name, this was the original format which inspired the Cuaba brand and which has been used to develop the other formats. It therefore has the disguised smoothness of strength of the four formats and their characteristics wrapper and texture. For a tapered cigar, its size is right for providing the best draw and combustion.

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2 reviews for Cuaba Tradicionales

  1. Anthony T.

    A very small perfecto that has a very uneven burn. I was not impressed. After a great experience with the Salamones I was expecting this to be a good 20 minute smoke.

  2. Bob B.

    These have come around in a short while. While young these cigars were not that great, but after some age their strength and depth of flavor has improved. I gave these an 87 and now they are pushing 90.

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