Cuaba Exclusivos


Overview: Cuaba Exclusivos

Cuaba Exclusivos is a medium bodied smoke, measuring in at a length of 145mm, it is one of the largest of the Cuaba range while being the mellowest in flavour. The construction of these are second to none and offer an excellent burn and draw all the way through. In the first third we found flavour notes of herbs mixed with the sweetness of honey, later moving into unique blends of sweet wood, spice and unexpected shot of anise seed. The flavour does increase towards the finish but never goes past a mild medium. We would pair this with a barrel aged whiskey to compliment the herbaceousness power of this delicious cigar.

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The largest format of the Cuaba brand that has all the strength Cuba wanted to give to this first series. Those who were expecting a strong brand like Cohiba will have been surprised, since it is smoother than its appearance implies. The reddish wrapper gives it a rough look that is increased by it being pointed at both ends.

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4 reviews for Cuaba Exclusivos

  1. Sheldon S.

    …but this beauty lit amazingly and had a sweet smell and taste form beginning to end with cedar kicking in midway. I was completely taken away by this cigar and 1inch down thought about buying a box. Can’t wait to smoke the next one

  2. Josh K.

    After reading the previous reviews I feel bad about posting this one but this cigar was not that special to me. Yes it lit easily yes it had a decent flavour, decent not extravagant. The burn started off unevenly, then evened itself out, then went uneven again. The draw was tough until I rolled the end in my fingers a bit to loosen it up. All in all a decent enough cigar for the price.

  3. Bob B.

    These are the mildest of the marca. The flavors are not very well defined. I bet these need at least 8 years to show any kind of strength. If they end up being anything like the Divinos then we are in for a treat. I give these a 87 with the potential for 90.

  4. Charles P.

    I like the shape of the cigar. Good smooth taste. Sometimes hard to draw on most of the cigars.

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