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Overview: Cuaba Distinguidos

Cuaba Distinguidos is filled with a luxurious blend of tobacco that offers a medium body. We found this Figurados to be a diverse smoke, the flavours weave in and out as the strength develops through the second and third with an unexpected kick towards the finish. To start aromas of hay and wood were met with initial flavours of oak and spiced earth.

Be patient as this cigar warms up, the smoke thickens to a creamy texture and begins to reveal a distinct nutty flavour of almonds and walnuts that carry through until the very end. This line is relatively young for the world of Cubanos and would respond well to resting inside your humidor.

Due to its medium strength and flavour profile we found this to be an ideal cigar for novice or experienced smokers looking for an easy afternoon smoke. Distinguidos would accompany a pale blonde or amber ale nicely, while basking in the sun.

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All Cuaba cigars are of the uncut figurados format and Distinguidos wasn’t going to be an exception. These cigars are particularly hard to make and demand a lot of skill from their torcedores. Distinguidos is a special edition Cuaba cigar, with a wholesome taste.

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7 reviews for Cuaba Distinguidos

  1. Bryan D.

    If you haven’t tried the Cuabas, you are missing out. These cigars start well and never stop improving throughout the length of the cigar. The entire line are great cigars, but I find the distinguido to be my preferred blend of value of size

  2. Brian C.

    Plan to spend some time with this one.

  3. Bob B.

    Currently the only production cigar of this vitola. It has wonderful subtle nuances of chocolate, earth, and stewed fruit. I would rate this cigar a 90 with the possibility of 92.

  4. Grace W.

    I have smoked a few of these cigars and have to say, they can be hit and miss. If you pick up a good one, its a great smoke. You cannot get into a hurry with this cigar, it will burn terrible if you do. The aroma is good and draws really well. The taste does improve throughout the smoke. But again, take your time and enjoy! I wouldnt buy a box, but I look for sampler packs that have them along with other cigars.

  5. Jason B.

    1. Cigar lasted about an hour and a half.
    2. First third is very mild, second had good earthy flavor and a little bit stronger and had better draw. Last third had full body flavor.

  6. Paul C.

    I have been admiring these cigars for a while and finally got 5 of them in my CA sampler pack (Thanks Cuban Lou’s) I let them rest for a couple of weeks and finally decided to smoke one. I gently roasted the foot and took time with the draw, not overdrawing (see, I read up on these), and it worked. No problem witht he burn at all. Was a little disappointed with the initial flavor, very mild, but it did get better with time. The second third was the best. Again, take time with this and it will burn evenly and not overheat. It took be about one hour and 55 minutes to gently smoke this one. Don’t think I agree that it is one of the best, but then I like Partagas so these were a little milder than I am used to, not the most flavorful of cigars that I have tried.

  7. Paul M.

    Little firecraker!
    Although this is the smallest one from the Cuaba line it still provides pleasurable smoking experience lasting about an hour. Construction is very good but sometimes too tight needing use of my"poker", but it provides very good medium taste with firm burn although not enough complexity.
    A good morning cigar to go well with a double expreso!

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