Cohiba Siglo VI


Overview: Cohiba Siglo VI

The renowned Cohiba Siglo series was released in 1992 to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ arrival to the new world, becoming available internationally in 1994. The Siglo VI was added in 2002 to the Linea 1492 collection; it is available in very limited quantities. 

Siglo VI are a Canonazo votila, which is a format made exclusive to the Cohiba brand,  measuring at 150mm with a 52 ring gauge. Filled with the signature tobacco blend exclusive to Cohiba and constructed  Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga – long filler, hand made, in the famous El Laguito factory.

A medium bodied cigar that offers a sophistication not found easily, a generous amount of thick luxurious smoke is produced immediately and lingers in the air for an exaggerated amount of time. 

The complex flavours in this cigar start off with gentle leather and cedar mixed with spice, these notes surrender to a creamy soft flavour of nutty vanilla and sweet honey. We also detected hints of earthiness mixed with soft florals and touches of citrus as it burned down and found it left a touch of salt on the palate when it finished around the 60 minute mark.  

Pair this beautiful habano with a glass of champagne for a truly luxurious experience.


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12 reviews for Cohiba Siglo VI

  1. Kevin S.

    Simply put…… The best cuban cigar to come along to date, and with some age, mabye the best cuba has ever produced. Simply amazing and a pleasure to smoke. Thank you Cohiba!

  2. William G.

    I love this size and was thrilled to smoke it again. The draw was quite tight but will improve with age. The burn and flavor were both perfect. The flavor is excellent, I believe that this is a benchmark cigar to judge others against.

  3. Michael E.

    a huge great cigar with a perfect taste of cohiba
    usually smoke siglo 6 after a good dinner with piano music.
    i love that cigar but i cant smoke it daily cause i dont have the time to join it.
    i just receive one box and i cant wait for the time to have one with a glass of courvosier cognac

  4. Janet K.

    These need more time. I see where they are trying to get but are very peppery and harsh on the finish, they start very creamy and full boddied. Construction is great and are still pleasent and one of the fuller body Siglos. I will recomend with age.

  5. Andreas W.

    I’m a big fan of large size Cohiba’s and these certainly did not disappoint. The flavor is smooth but bold the way I like but there were a few things that could have been better. For one thing all the cigars in the box I received were rolled much too tightly so much so that I could not even get more than a wisp of smoke with every puff I took. This was easily remedied by using my 8 inch long metal coat hanger and running it right down the middle of the length of the cigar. Also several of the cigars burned quite unevenly but it was not enough to spoil the experience. The taste of these cigars more than make up for any little inconvenience and I will buy them again soon.

  6. Lance B.

    The Siglo VI is a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to purchase a number of these while in Tortola last summer. It was the off season and the smokes had aged some in the humidor of Little Denmark which is the best place to buy Habanos on the island. Beautifully constructed… a few even had a plume on them. The cigar gives off that unmistakable smell of a true Habano… then you light it … wow… creamy, chocolate and vanilla smoothness. A totally different experience from cigar from other countries. I really don’t think I’m a Cuban snob… and I’ve smoked a lot of cigars. Imho, there truly is a difference in a honest to goodness Habano. I smoked every one I bought to the nub; the sweet, flowery smell; The mottled grey ash telling of the Vuelta Abajo leaf. It was a great vacation to say the least. My only complaints: The draw was a bit inconsistent from cigar to cigar and I had to touch up the burn on a few… but overall a fantastic smoke. I would highly recommend them. Marked them down just a bit on value as they are very expensive.

  7. Yukiko H.

    This cigar is massive and gorgeous. It’s almost a shame to smoke it, it’s just beautiful. It has a great draw, and an even burn. The flavors are rich, but straightforward. Full of cedar, white pepper, leather, and some cream. It varies from box to box, but mostly stays in the medium-full bodied range. A must try.

  8. Marco F.

    This is one cigar that I would put in the treasure catagory. It blows the doors off of the Esplendidos and they tend to be more consistant in rolling. I love the size of this cigar. It has all the great Cohiba taste with rich, creamy coffee and soft leather taste. Age is only going to make this one better

  9. Bob B.

    Got a box of these for my son’s birthday. One of my top 10 cigars. They have the smoothness of a prominente but in a wider shorter format. Definitely a classic in the making if you have the patience or resources to age them.

  10. Eric S.

    well it doesnt really but it should. you dont need to go to cuba after youve had one of these! the solid wrapper the lush lively vanes the amazing full and sloid taste and the smoke time make this a beautiful cigar. my only regret is the price butthats not to say that theyre overpriced just that beauty doesnt come cheap.

  11. Peter P.

    Just got a few of these massive huge sticks. Never smoked this format before and was keen for the smoke. Well wht can I say – after 3 weeks in the humidor, I couldn’t resist longer and lit one. Hmm hard to say. This one wasn’t yet the “big smoke” which I expected. A bit tight draw and not very even draw. Taste was not bad, but I am sure they will get better with time! I guess in a few months or so I will dry the next one.

  12. robert m.

    The only smoke better than this is the Cohiba 1966 LE. I still have yet to try the Behike’s but untill then this is number 2 cigar for me. always have a box in my humidor.
    I want to age them but god damn it, I can’t let them sit there for too long.

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