Cohiba Siglo IV


Overview: Cohiba Siglo IV

Siglo IV is a glorious Corona Gorda vitola that measures in at 143mm with a 46 ring. One of the longer selections from the Siglo series, it gives the opportunity to appreciate the unique flavours that come from the signature and luxurious tobacco blend exclusive to Cohiba. All of the Siglo’s are Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga – long filler, hand made, in the famous El Laguito factory.

This bouquet of earthy flavours have an elegant presence and unfold slowly over the course of an hour. Creamy thick smoke introduces this cigar and sets the tone, with additional flavours of honey and butter biscuits that delight the taste buds and leave a light sweetness on the lips.

The body and strength are consistently smooth and medium strength with a razor sharp burn. We enjoyed it paired with a crisp ale on a sunny afternoon, a blissful combination, but it would also do well next to a well aged bourbon.

The renowned Cohiba Siglo series were released in 1992 to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ arrival to the new world, becoming available internationally in 1994. Siglo Series are known officially as the Linea 1492 range.


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This Corona Gorda from the Cohiba Siglos is the most accomplished Habano of its series. It is the one which has lost the least potency with respect to the traditional Cohiba cigars and the one which best represents the new line of cigars that is getting the best compliments among enthusiast of thick gauges in all the markets.

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14 reviews for Cohiba Siglo IV

  1. Michael M.

    I received this stick as a present over the holidays and couldn’t let it sit in my humidor any longer. This stick had a very good construction, one of the best I’ve seen. Great smoke that lasted an hour and a half.

  2. Gavin O.

    What an amazing smoke! Excellent construction, perfect draw, and very full-bodied. Have this one with a single malt scotch or cognac. That’s what living is all about!

  3. Jake V.

    A very nice cigar, not to heavy, full of rich taste. The draw is perfect and even, but may vary a bit from one cigar to another. The taste is great, soft and full.

    One has to take time to enjoy this cigar, since it can last close to an hour, depending on how you smoke it.

    All in all, a great cigar which should be enjoyed slowly.

  4. John C.

    very tasty. typical cohiba profile, sweet grassy notes are at the front with a little spice in the background. i think they will get even better with some more age.

  5. Donald L.

    This cigar should be cast as the best Corona Gorda ever!! The Siglo IV is the most perfect cigar to relax with after an excellent meal. The aroma of spice and honey is noticable before you light up. Once it is burning, now you are in for a real treat. It has a rich creamy sweetness of honey notes and vanilla bean that only the Cohiba master blenders could put together. It is easy to be fooled by the sweetness. This cigar is powerful and you find yourself surprised with the punch but no bitterness. Absolutely, a must smoke for all connoisseurs.

  6. Josh K.

    From the first smell to the last puff it was an experience beyond words. It was smooth and creamy throughout with a slight spice to it. Having only had cheap cigars before this I was surprised that it was not overpowering even in the last 1/3. The draw was impecable and the smoke was oh so thick. I know thses were not aged as my brother had them delieverd only days before his son was born so I can not wait to get a box of my own and try to let them sit in my humidor. The one thing I found wrong with this cigar is it was so good it was hard to go slow. I smoked it in about 45 minutes. Next time I will have to really take it slow and enjoy it.

  7. Marc S.

    I cannot detect all the different flavors that some can. Earthy (haven’t eaten dirt since I was maybe 2), leathery (all my leather has Neatsfoot oil on it, blahh), floral, etc. All I know is I like them and love smoking them. Great burn and lasts a long time. Burn mine till it gets too hot to hold, which is about 1″. Flavor was as good at the end as it was at the light. Just my $.02 worth. ;o)

  8. Shawn W.


  9. Yukiko H.

    This is a beautiful cigar. However, half of these seem to draw extremely firm. It really hurts the performance and flavors when it is rolled to tight. When you can get one to draw well, it is a different story. It has great cohiba flavor, with a salty, grassiness to it, with coffee bean intonations and a long spicy finish. There are better corona gordas in my opinion, especially for the money.

  10. Marco F.

    This hands down has to be the best Corona Gorda on the market today. The size of this cigar is just perfect with the smooth great Cohiba taste. I have had a few of these and they all burn great with a beautiful dark ash. The smell is to die for as well and if others are around you can be sure someone will ask you waht you are smoking.

  11. Bob B.

    All the classic flavors of the marca can be found in this stick, but toned down a notch. If you planning on aging these this is the way to go. Cabinets are notoriously better at aging. Personally I think the cigars gather tannins from the wood of the box, just like wine does from the barrel. Definitely more seco incorporated in this cigar.

  12. Hernando O.

    The light brown caramel wrappered stick felt soft when squeezed between my fingers, but not mushy. The prelight draw was a little tight and tasted of fresh tobacco and cedar.

    After lighting, immediately got some spice. The draw was loose enough to smoke comfortably but was just a little tighter than perfect. After it settled down a bit I tasted mostly of caramel, with some woodiness, toasted nuts, and fresh tobacco. The flavors didn’t change very much throughout the experience, but remained tasty, with lots of creamy smoke.

  13. Joey T.

    My first time with this particular size, as only smoked Esplend and the Siglo VI. It was beautiful the aroma and the taste were excellent. I let the smoke dance around the palette before letting it escape through my nostrils and I can honestly say it favoured very well with regards to the afore mentioned cigars. I would recommend this cigar to any one who enjoys an hour or so on their own with a single malt Irish whiskey. The burn was consistent and at one time I had a 2 inch ash nestling on the end of the cigar. I could emphasize the taste and aroma but just let this cigar surprise you, it did me.

  14. Marcos R.

    absolutely loved these ordered a whole box and before i knew it they were gone. my wife thought i was out of control but i think she was just a little jealous of how much time i spend with these babies!!

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