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Overview: Cohiba Siglo I Siglo I is a tres petit corona at 100mm with a 40 ring gauge, this appetizer sized Cubano offers a surprising amount of thick, creamy smoke that adds dimension to the medium strength body.  This one begins slowly with a gentle grass flavour that quickly moves into creamy woodyness and advances into distinct swirls of caramel and graham cracker notes with a white pepper finish.   The renowned Cohiba Siglo series were released in 1992 to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ arrival to the new world, becoming available internationally in 1994. Siglo Series are known officially as the Linea 1492 range. Filled with the luxurious signature tobacco blend exclusive to Cohiba, all of the Siglo series are Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga – long filler, handmade, in the famous El Laguito factory. Siglo series are slightly generally milder than the rest of the Cohiba family, The Siglo I is an excellent choice for our novice smokers as the flavours are easy to detect with zero bitterness from beginning to end.   Buy with confidence from Cuban Lou’s Cigar Company… Since 2004, we have become the most trusted and reliable merchant of authentic Habanos. Our customers are priority. Backed by our world class customer service, we will make your experience at Cuban Lou’s a great one.

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7 reviews for Cohiba Siglo I

  1. Mark R.

    Brett must have gitten a bad box. I got a box for Christmas & was very satisfied. This is a short smoke but the flavor and Cohiba experience is anything but short. the draw is easy, I punch them not clip them.I find that this is a perfect winter cigar, or when you don’t have time for a larger version. Cohibas have a tendency to be stronger than most and are not an every day smoke. But I treat myself to at least one a week. I guess I’ll have re up soon.

  2. Josh K.

    Basically a short and spicy wonder. I am not much for the spiciness that these cigars offer but I do occasionally enjoy one to keep the taste buds dancing. This one was a perfect after dinner cool night cigar. it was short and quite flavorful. The smoke was as thick as can get with such a small cigar. Had to be sure to draw nice and slowly so as not to make it overpowering. The burn was perfect and did not require any correction. A great little cigar but slightly over priced.

  3. Michael W.

    I am not a fan of little cigars. Generally, I smoke big stogies of 48 ring gauge or larger, so I didn’t buy these Siglo I’s. A friend from Toronto gave me a few on our annual fly fishing expedition and I am just now smoking one with my morning coffee. I believe they have a couple of years of age on them, purely based on experience. In short, they are the biggest little cigar I can remember, with loads of creamy, woody, leathery, coffee flavors. Not to mention an even burn from a dark oily wrapper. In the future, I won’t be so quick to criticize, or question the masculinity, of fans of little cigars. It’s a burst of flavor when your time and cigar are both short.

  4. Yukiko H.

    This perla is a great cigar. It is a quick 20-30 minute smoke that loads the palate with complex, rich, and balanced flavors of earth, spice and cream. It is loaded with coffee, leather, and chocolate that continues on the finish. I highly recommend for quick smokes.

  5. Marco F.

    This is an outstanding cigar. The only negitive is the size and that being you never want it to go out. This one gives you all that Cohiba grassy creamy taste. I will ofen grab this one because of time and end up saying what the heck and grab another one and make the time to enjoy it. These are some great expensive cigars that you need to treat yourself to. I wish the price was a tad better I could see smiking this cigar everyday.

  6. Bob B.

    Fantastic after dinner smoke when you are out with family or friends. There doesn’t exist a single person, smoker or non-smoker that doesn’t enjoy the aroma of a Cohiba. Sweet hay, molasses and cream in rolled in to a little ligero bomb.

  7. R. S.

    There’s a lot of smokers who are not fans of this size smoke. But personally I love it with my morning coffee. I steared away from the COHIBA’S for my morning smoke because of the cost. I’ve now found that to be a mistake! Some mornings call for something tasty, especially if the night before was filled with plenty of great sticks being burned. I’ve found the Siglo I to be perfect for this! These little smokes are filled with smooth creamy smoke. And their not overpowering but definitely have all those classic COHIBA flavors. All be them mild, they are there! Definitely worth having some of these tucked away for either a quick smoke break so you don’t feel rushed. Or how I appreciate them, with my morning pick me up…. One can never go wrong with a Cohiba!!!

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