Cohiba Short


Overview: Cohiba Short

The Cohiba Short is a brand new format for the brand, a contemporary offering for a different kind of Habanos experience.

As the name succinctly notes this Cuban mini is a short smoke at 83mm and a slim 26 gauge. These unique characteristics allow the smoker to clearly taste the unique flavours that come from the classic Cohiba filler leaves.

Despite its compact size there is full flavour coming off this stick, we found rich earthy notes to dominate with touches of spice, with a smooth flavour and smoke for that quick break from the world, smoking down in about 15 minutes.

Unlike all of its siblings in the Cohiba brand, the Short is constructed by machine which allows broader availability and lower price point.

This conveniently sized cigar comes in an equally appealing soft pack of 10, each wrapped individually in cellophane to preserve their condition and easy to grab on the go.


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Great Cohiba in a small package. If you are looking for something a little more of a cigar feel than a Club or Mini, this is the perfect size for you. Nice pack to keep when you are on the go and they perfect smoke for when you are walking the dog !

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