Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios (25) Expand

Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios (25)

Cohiba Cohiba


The new Cohiba Maduro 5 line will feature three different sizes. In addition, the Maduro 5 wrappers have been aged for 5 years.



Box/Pack Size:
Box of 25

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Length5.5 inches (141mm)
Ring Gauge52
Packing CodeBN-VW-C/L-12,13-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeGenios
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeBox of 25

I have tried a lot of cigars through the years and this cigar has to be one of the best ! The flavor is mild and smooth. It also has a slow burn . Very enjoyable and nothing wrong with the draw. I recommend this to all my friends. A must try!


    Very seldom does one find a cigar that lives up to expectations. This cigar arrived from Lou's in perfect shape. The velvety wrapper elicited thoughts of chocolate and cream. The first, unlit draw hinted of potential. Once it was lit the first draw was filled with strong but unimposing flavor, which strengthened as I finished the first half. It certainly wasn't spicey, but rather full of mellow flavor which didn't disappoint through to the end. A little more time can only bring out the full postential. Definitely in my top five.


      What a wonderful powerhouse. It starts medium and fluctuates from medium to full throughout the cigar. I love the flavors. Great with a chocolate martini or some G. Stagg Bourbon. Awesome.


        These carry wonderful notes of dark chocolate, barnyard aroma, and rich creaminess. The exhibit considerable age, but could use another 5 years to fully develop remaining tannins. Incredible long term potential.


          Alright call me spoiled because I am a Canadian and have direct access to travelling to Cuba but I have smoked just about every Cohiba size their is and I found the Maduro Genios to be slightly disappointing. Yes the taste is nice and creamy, the five year old maduro wrapper is a bit on the oily side and very tasty but as is the case with most Cohibas some of the sticks are wrapped too tightly and it has a negative impact on the draw. I purchased two boxes of these babies in the spring and after reading in Cigar Afficiando where this is a common problem for Cohiba due to their massive output relative to some of the lesser known Cuban brands, these babies are now in the humidor and I will sample one about every 6 months until they have loosened up a bit. And before anyone even tries to mention fakes (as Cohibas are the most counterfieted cigars on the planet) these boxes were purchased at the factory where I was touring with a number of cigar store owners in my home city. In 2 years time I am sure that these will cigars will be worthy of a 10 but what one requires now is patience to allow these cigars to reach maturity.


            just the best of the best
            excellent cigar with something different and exotic the other cigars.
            the maduro genios have a sweet but spicy and woody taste which is something unbelievable
            just the king of the cigar


              Smoke three of the two larger sizes. Unlike other Cohibas that are strong and oily on a good day, these were the smoothest smokes I ever had. The flavor is delicious and they smoke perfectly from end to end. At the short end, I couldn't put it down. It had incredible flavor, but was smooth and not at all hot, even burning at the wrapper. No surprise that the smallest size received a 92 rating fresh out of the box by CI.

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                Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios (25)

                Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios (25)


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