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Overview: Cohiba Esplendidos

Cohiba Esplendidos is the Grandfather of Cohibas, truly a cigar for the ages, offering deep and complex flavour into one of the finest Churchills ever created. Esplendidos was added to the Linea Clasica line in 1989, and is said to have been favored by Castro himself.

Esplendidos offers a medium to full body and strength, the intricacies of this cigar come from the elite blend of tobacco, including Volado, Seco, Ligero leaves. Filled with the signature tobacco blend exclusive to Cohiba, all of their vitolas are Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga – long filler, hand made, in the famous El Laguito factory.

The flavours start slow, with hints of dried grass, and cedar, with notes of honey and citrus and soon develop into herbal and nutty qualities of almond blended with coffee, cream and some caramel close to the finish.

These deep and complex flavours that will be best enjoyed by a seasoned smoker. This fine specimen should be enjoyed slowly, when your time is unrestrained.


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14 reviews for Cohiba Esplendidos

  1. Timothy K.

    Be prepared to take the time to finish this cigar down to the end. It seems the middle down towards the end delivered the most flavors; a mixture of leathery wood, mocha, and cedar. Great smoke!

  2. Jonathan M.

    The Esplendidos is the king of the Cohiba cigar line. Not for the faint of heart, if you do not like a strong smoke stay away from this one. The only problem I have found with this cigar is the inconsistancy of the tightness of the roll. When I was in Cuba last Christmas I brought back two boxes. I smoked one cigar which had a bit of a tight draw and decided to put the rest in my humidor. I tried one the other night and it had improved considerably. My recommendation is to let them age at least two years and that is my goal however I am sure I will occassionally dip into them again from time to time. Not quite as good as the H. Upmann Winston Churchills but still a great cigar.

  3. Dr J.

    What can I say…Only the best.
    Smooth, Creamy, Great Draw.
    If you can get over the price well worth it.
    I would smoke them every day but I would have to sell my car

  4. Grace W.

    Nice and fresh on arrival! The draw takes a little effort and the first 1/3 is a little light. But 2nd 1/3 is tasty. Not my first choice, but still a good smoke.

  5. Yukiko H.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous churchill, with A+ construction and appearance. The pre light aroma is amazing deep barnyard with leather. It has a lush draw and floods the palate with intense worn leather flavors, with some spice and cedar. It has an intoxicating aroma. Deep, long, rich finish. Superb.

  6. Marco F.

    Well I have smoked many and I have also been a hit with quite a few plugged or extra tight sticks. When these are on they are on and the reason I keep trying these. They are expensive when you take into the fact that if they are bad you need to drill them out or throw them away. There is pleanty of earth in these cigars with that unique Cohiba taste. These need at least 4-5 years of age and will be mind blowing and may even fix some of the draw problems.

  7. Bob B.

    I bought a box of these when my daughter was born. And plan on smoking one a year until there is two left. At that age she’ll be allowed to try her first Cuban Cigar. And at that age even a novice can enjoy them. This is very complex tobacco. The smoke self throttles, it starts off beautifully, no need to warm up. This is the epitome of a good smoke.

  8. Eric S.

    ladies and gentleman here it is the cohiba that has it all. tightly packed for a great draw. flavour like your in a chocalte factory. and a majestic desighn that only cohiba knows how to create.

  9. Peter P.

    To me this cigar is still the bet to celebrate a perfect business deal or cherish a special moment! Pefect smooth draw, great smell and taste till the very end. Simply the best!!!

  10. Steven Z.

    I have smoked many in the past and have been happy But the last box I ordered were plugged or extra tight sticks. I ended up tossing them after a few min. This was very unpleasant so I did not order them with my last shipment. I have found that I like the Winston Churchill Blenheim for the same price.

  11. Marcos R.

    simply splendid. this cohiba is a masterpiece! beautifully constructed, very strong flavor and real heavy smoke! it even finishes smoothly which even among the top cigars is a rare quality to find. i just wish they were a little cheaper.

  12. Ieserodes A.

    I was lucky to find a box that was aged 5 years in June 1999. Cigar heaven! Smoked the last one in October 2002. If it is allowed to age its a 10.

  13. James R.

    received an open box from my dad with around 15 cigars left, great looking dark oily wrapper, solid construction, couldn’t resist to light one up over the weekend. the stick smelled great before lighting it up, i had very high expectations with these, the burn was great throughout, the aroma and flavor however was not as rich and strong as I had expected, seems something was missing, flavor wasn’t complex or overwhelming, not sure whether it was due to the open box, the ash was light gray instead of dark gray. i’m putting the rest in my humidor now to let it properly tune and age and will revisit after a few months to see if any improvements to fulfill my great expectations for this premium cigar.

  14. Paul M.

    Several weeks prior to X=mas I smoked one which has been in my humidor for some time; it was given to me by a proprietor of a small butique hotel in Slovakia. It came in a wooden case – the propriator told me that it was given to him by Fidel Castro during some industrial delegation to Cuba prior to 1989.
    With some hesitation I took out out of the case – there was some cracking of the wrapper but otherwise it looked pretty good for such age. But the smoking experience was something beyond my expectation; i expected that due to its age it wold be extremely strong as old fashion cubans were. But no, it had full body, creamy taste without any sign of harsh taste.
    Bottom line – it was by far the best cigar I ever smoked! I am going to stock up on these, put them in my humidor for several years and save them for some special occasions.

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