Bolivar Royal Coronas (25) Expand

Bolivar Royal Coronas (25)

Bolivar Bolivar


This Robusto from Bolivar follows the pattern of the whole brand. With regard to the Bolivar cigars, it is the spongiest, the one with the best draw, and it displays smoothness from beginning to end. Amongst the Robustos, it is placed between the Cohiba Robustos and the Epicure No. 2

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Box of 25

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This Robusto from Bolivar follows the pattern of the whole brand. With regard to the Bolivar cigars, it is the spongiest, the one with the best draw, and it displays smoothness from beginning to end. Amongst the Robustos, it is placed between the Cohiba Robustos and the Epicure No. 2

Length4.8 inches (124mm)
Ring Gauge50
Packing CodeCB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25
StrengthMedium - Full
Factory ShapeRobustos
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeBox of 25

great cigar before or after a meal! never had a bad cigar in a box! highly recommended


    This is officially one of my top three favorite cigars. I've always loved the Bolivar series, but only recently tried the royal coronas. Amazing smoke.


      Amazing smoke. Always a great draw. Full bodied but not so much that it punched you in the face. It's a nice after work smoke. Creamy smoke, hints of leather and coco. Never bitter, just full of flavor.


        What a great smoke. It's Bolivar through and through. Earthy leather with solid construction. MC and Cohiba have the sexy name, but I will take one of these over their robustos anytime. You know that you are smoking a cigar, but it's not a punch in the face. Wonderful experience every time.


          What a superb smoke.And the draw is so smooth.Has become a definate
          keeper in my Humidor supply.Your service is impeccable.Definately going
          to be a longtime satisfied customer.Thank you!!!!!


            I received this box of cigars two weeks ago and I have smoked eleven of them. They are great. They were the most beautiful box of cigars I have ever seen. The milk chocoalte colored wrappers and the flawless construction was most impressive. The flavor and overall experience with this cigar was very good, a great introduction to Cuban cigars.


              Just received a box of these along with the Monte Edmundos, also with a 2010 box code. These were great right of the box and will show some real maturity in a few months to a year. I am really having a hard time showing patience because they are so good now and I am smoking one every couple of days. I am using a Davidoff three-hole large punch cut for these, rather than distrurb the nicely constructed end. This is a very high quality larger Robusto. They have excellent draw, lots of smoke, but not overly so. Perfect burn as well. Starts off very smooth, with a hint of the typical earthy/woody Bolivar flavors. After awhile there begins a little spiciness that makes this a cigar you HAVE to smoke to the nub.


                Just received my box of these puppies along with a box of the Monte Edmundo's and all I can say is WOW! Silky smooth from start to finish. Very consistent burn with a wonderful Cuban aroma. When I ordered the 2 box special I was a little hesitant as many past experiences with the Bolivar brand just came up short of the Monte/Upmann/Partages experience. Not anymore! Great cigar for any time of day. I will definitely be adding these to the list of favorite cigars. Thanks Cuban Lou's for another positive experience!


                  For the first time i actually tasted nutmeg and cinnamon. This was one great cigar. I smoked so good wished every cigar tasted this good i was really blown away.


                    A classic Havana Robusto! Good flavor profile, super smooth. I purchased a box a while back while visiting Grand Cayman Island and paid $250 a box. Cuban Lou's prices are even better. I few years aging on this cigar will make it a classic.


                      This is one of the best cigars coming off the island right now! Very bold and spicy flavor with lots of coffee and leather thru the middle third. This cigar will make your mouth water. The finish is long and lasting with a very nice taste left in your mouth for hours after.


                        Great looking box pressed robusto. Spicy taste before lite. Solid dark gray ash. Needed correction twice. Very slow burn with tons of smoke. Start very mild with cedar and leather taste. Half way through cedar, leather and dark roast coffee continues to build. Last third the cigar gets very soft and spongy. Needs a lot more aging. I will try again in 12-18 months.


                          This cigar is a must have for any serious cigar lover. I had a few from a sampler pack and hesitated smoking them becuase I never had one before. But, after smoking the first one, all five were gone in 2 days. So I ordered a whole box, which is something I rarely do. Cant wait for them to arrive, Great cigar!! I smoke 2 to 3 cigars daily and this one is in my top 5 list for sure!!


                            Authentic (enough said!)


                              its cigars like this that make me appreciate robustos. its smoothe wrapper and sweet taste and long smoke timejust makes this cigar one of the greats. try and and you wont be dissappointed.


                                These are very good, but not the best in the marca or vitola. Earth, leather, and nutty aromas are very muted throughout the cigar. It's an occasional smoke, before dinner, or after a light lunch, not to be accompanied with an overpowering drink.


                                  God this is one of the cigars that I never can get enough of. This is one of those sticks that you can smoke right from the box and really enjoy it. THis one has loads of cocoa, espresso and cedar flavors and cream. People often say this is a strong cigar but I find it perfect. Give these guys a try and you will be in heaven.


                                    This is my favourate Bolivar...great smoke at a very good price.


                                      These royal coronas are much stronger from 2007 than they were in 2006. They are still the same spongy robustos, with an excessively oily wrapper, and perfect construction. The flavors are of very strong tobacco, rich coffee, leather, and hints of toasted nuts. This is a medium-full bodied cigar that needs a few years of age to come into it's own. It is a much different version that the slightly lighter 2006 cigars, which tended to show more cappucino, esppresso, and a fresh floral nuttiness.


                                        Excellent flavor, incredible wrapper with perfect oils, smoked great directly from the box. I am looking forward to letting them sit for a while.


                                          A beautifully constructed cigar. Leather and earthy notes are the backbone of this smoke but what makes this my favorite is the sweetness that lingers on your pallet. The draw was flawless and the burn near perfect. The price and quality of the Bolivar Royal Corona makes this a perfect smoke.


                                            Bolivar makes a great cigar all-around, and this robusto fits the bill as well. Excellent construction, even draw and lots of smoke. The taste is full-bodied, with lots of spice and overtones of chocolate and coffee. I find myself going back to this cigar over and over again. A wonderful smoke in typical Bolivar quality.


                                              I must say, I really do enjoy this cigar, I've had the box now for over a year and continue to smoke them occasionally. It is only getting better with time. That said, while I do really enjoy this cigar, it just doesn't seem to match up to the flavours I really enjoy in other cubans such as Cohibas. For the price, it's a wonderful buy, but I would never rank it #1 like Cigar Aficionado did back in 2006.


                                                After experiencing one of these great cigars a few months ago, I just had to buy a box from our freinds here at Cuban Lou's (can't say enough good about these guys, they are the best). Anyway, I love my Partagas robusto's, but these just might have become my new favorite smoke. A slightly tighter draw than the Partagas, but the floral fragance of the smoke is not beaten by any cigar I have ever smoked. The taste is so rich you can replace a meal with this cigar, really. I have had them with coffee in the cool of the Texas morning twice this week. Nothing better, believe me. This is a smoke that you will not regret placing in your humidor. I don't think that I will ever be out of this stick. Beautiful construction, appearance, flavor is unsurpassed and the overall experience of this smoke is superb. Try them, you will not be sorry, you will be singing the praises of this cigar. Thanks Cuban Lou's for another great shipment and another great smoke.


                                                  after getting this smokes I tried one and it tastes great medium in flavor and well burning you can tell this stick is going to get better and better with age


                                                    This smoke is rapidly becoming "the" robusto of Cuba. Earthiness and power in one 5" package! Another must have smoke that should be in every enthusiast's humidor. If I had to choose one vitola I could smoke for the rest of my days it would be this one, no doubt.


                                                      very young but still great! very florel and smooth! these will be classic with some age on them.


                                                        The Bolivar RC is a cigar that I will never be without. It starts out rich and smooth half way through, then works into a full flavor cigar with hints of spice towards the end. I doubt anyone could deny this cigar as one of the best in the world. You cant go wrong and will make a nice addition to your humidor. Please don't hesitate if you would like to experience C.A.'s #1 pick of 2006.


                                                          I smoked one straight out of the box and it was simply perfect. Great burn, draw and perfect ash. I think this cigar is by far one of the best on the market and anyone considering buying BRC should not hesitate. I love the spongy feel and earthy taste. This is a great relaxing smoke that complements a good dinner. Pleasently powerful and totally enjoyable. BRC has a permanent home in my HUMI.


                                                            Perfect draw, perfect ash, perfect burn and it has a weird but very enjoyable spongy feel on your fingers and lips. Awesome tasting cigar that is powerful but does not have a harsh taste or bite. Totally worth every penny invested. I enjoy BRC mainly after dinner with a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks. Smooth and balanced taste consisting of earthy and peppery sensations. Every cigar i've had from this box has been nothing less that perfect. What would I do without Cuban Lou's? Thanks again ;)


                                                              Now I know why Cigar Aficionado picked this vitola as its cigar of the year for 2007! Bolivar has outdone themselves again with this flavor bomb of a cigar. This was by far the most flavorful yet balanced cigar that I have tasted yet. It burned slightly uneven, but covered the palate with tastes of chocolate and nut all while keeping a nice smooth woody spice in the back of the palate that was never too harsh or overpowering. Its still a little bit young though, but give these 6-12 months and I guarantee they will be classic smokes.


                                                                WOW!! Straight out of the box it is by far the best smoke I have had in my short time smoking..I can't wait to revisit them in a few months.
                                                                Everything you read here is 100% true!
                                                                The look, the feel, the pre-light draw, down to the finger burning end it is all good!!
                                                                PLACE YOUR FAITH IN THIS SITE! KEVIN IS A MAN OF HIS WORD!!


                                                                  Just finished my lunch, so i decided its a good time for a BRC. excellent taste, superb flavor, med to full strength. one minor burn issue but no big deal. at the half way point, the spice kicks in....nice. a very good stick at a good price, i recommend - buy em!


                                                                    I just received my box of Royal Coronas and I couldn't be happier. The smoke is light at first and then really bursts with flavor about two thirds of the way through. You can really taste the chocolate towards the end. I can tell that these cigars are going to be fabulous with some age. Thanks again for a great product and fast shipping.


                                                                      After dinner cigar, one of the best i ever tried.
                                                                      Nice burn, with excellent construction.
                                                                      Thumbs up for this great robusto with the very good price


                                                                        One of the best cigars I have ever tasted, full of flavors. Took me about an hour to smoke. Had wonderful notes of spice and wood, not very overpowering, more for a beginner. Burn wasn't an issue and for being a small cigar, it had a wonderful draw.

                                                                        A must try for any cigar smoker

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                                                                          Bolivar Royal Coronas (25)

                                                                          Bolivar Royal Coronas (25)


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