Bolivar Coronas Junior


Overview: Bolivar Coronas Junior

The Coronas Junior is the smallest cigar in our Bolivar selection, but don’t let the size fool you, this will give you a full flavor experience. We could compare the profile of Coronas Junior to Petit Coronas, but the Junior displays far more intensity than the Petit. Staying true to the flavor profile the Bolivar brand is known for, we found predominantly earth based notes of coffee, nut and subtle spice, while a distinct sweet, woody taste stayed consistent through the entire smoke.

For our aficionados, it is worthwhile to note this cigar was released pre 1960, but referred to as the “Amado Seleccion G” until 1993. An average smoke time of around 30 minutes makes this cigar a great option for afternoon walks with the dog or alongside a morning coffee.


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6 reviews for Bolivar Coronas Junior

  1. Frank L.

    Picked up a young box of these as it’s my goal to sample every Short or PC that there is, (not that I set the bar high or anything), and found it to be another fine example of Bolivar’s handy work. Presentation & construction is excellent, but due to it’s youth, I found that some of it’s spicey complexity potential wasn’t quite found yet, an excellent smoke though none the less with all that Bolivar charm. I’ll probably smoke one or two more & then put them away for at least a year, as these will age to be magnificent!

  2. Craig Z.

    What a little powerhouse, move over RASSCC. This little thing explodes with that Boli flavor and delectible spices and has never turned “ammonia-tasting” even at their young age. No humidor is complete without a few boxes IMO.

  3. Bob B.

    Average little cigar. The intensity reminds me of a partagas shorts. Good, but not a ligero bomb like the Bonitas. It delivers the quality of the marca, but not all at once and always leaves you wanting more.

  4. Eric S.

    the bes things come in small packages. the saying comes to life with the junior beutifully desighn tight brown slender wrapper with a soft body… almost as beautful as a waman haha. and just enough smoke that youve enjoyed every second of it but just want more!

  5. Hernando O.

    This is a great morning smoke. These go well with freshly brewed coffee.

    A nice smooth wrapper, golden brown, and a good weigth for the sixe. No soft or overly hard spots when squeezed. Pre-light draw was perfect and included flavors of sweet cocoa and natural tobacco.

    Once lit, there was tons of thick, creamy smoke and continued flavors of cocoa, with the addition of caramel and a hint of black licorice. Strength was medium with a perfect amount of spice. There were no issues at all with the burn. I enjoyed this smoke down to the nub.

  6. Gerald F.

    While young at only a year old, this cigar definitely has a ton of the Bolivar flavor with plenty of spice and earth. Normally this size if better suited for a morning cigar, but there is a very full bodied smoke packed in this little package. I look forward to tasting these as they age, but definitely good at any age.

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