Bolivar Belicosos Finos SLB (25) Expand

Bolivar Belicosos Finos SLB (25)

Bolivar Bolivar


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Box/Pack Size:
SLB of 25

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Although it could be mistaken with a Piramide, this Habano from Bolivar is a Campana, a tapered cigar that has the same gauge, although it is somewhat shorter. It is smoother than the Montecristo No. 2 and the Upmann No. , two Piramides, since the difference in length of 16 mm (2/3 of a inch) gives them more potency. It has very good draw and excellent combustion, being The strongest of the Bolivar Cigars.

Length5.5 inches (141mm)
Ring Gauge52
Packing CodeSLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25
Factory ShapeCampanas
Country of OriginCuba
Box/Pack SizeSLB of 25

buddy order a box from Lous, recevied it in perfect shape, nice dark colored wrapper, nice torpedo shaped cigar, mild woody taste in the beginning, stayed medium strength pretty much throughout, althoght last 2/3 strengh picked up a bit, but it won't blow you away, wasn't complex, good summer afternoon smoke given its medium strength, great to share with buddies and just kick back and relax.


    After mandatory four weeks in my humidor I apprached this one with some trepidation as it is reported to be the strongest in the Bolivar line.
    However, to my surprise I found it to be kind of mellow with some good volume of smoke resulting in coating your mouth with a pleasant aftertaste lasting for some time after you have finished.
    Visually, it has some silky dark wrapper oozing with oils, good firm feel in your hand and perfect combustion with razor sharp burn never needing correction. Taste, while not overly complex shows some tannins, leather and cedar.
    A perfect cigar after some good dinner!


      I would not say it is a niner but for sure it is bigger than 8. Full bodied,might say not overly complex but it has strenght that compensate that lack.Although has a nice taste. Cant find it often to be as good looking as this one on the picture,more often veiny and rough,but always great construction and burn. Always a good buy


        I just returned from a week in Havana Cuba, i've Purchased these from Lou's and they are as good as the ones i Had in Havana this week! The Absolute best Cigar i've had.


          it must be the magic of the letter B. after a long week where not everything went as planned i sat down with a bolivar and some balevinie and we were in business. thats how any respectable gentleman should end his week.


            I have tried a lot of different brands of cigars, even a lot of types. For me this is one of the best that I have ever tried, is not too spicy, mild, lots of flavors, simply a good cigar. I have recommended to some of my friends, and the feedback has always been great from them. It is a real must have cigar.


              This cigar is almost perfect and with a little age it will be but make sure you get he slb and not the dressed box if you are going to age. Perfect balance of spice, earth, wood, and lots of leather.


                This cigar is a must have in your humidor! Great construction, wonderful draw. Med to Full body with tons of flavor. (Try it with some Black Sambucca!) Never harsh. Produces billows of smoke, with a beautiful aroma of coffee and roasted nuts. Monte 2's? Not even in the same ballpark! Thanks to Cuban Lou's for fabulous cigars, and great service.


                  The SLB is the way to go for aging. Although when young there is an over abundance of tannins and makes the cigar a little sour. But over time this disipates and creates a full bodied cigar with an enormously earthy and creamy character.


                    It is a beautiful campana to hold. It is perfectly constructed with a gorgeous wrapper, even though there are some larger veins. When clipped at a 45 degree angle, the draw was perfect with a slight drag. The burn was slightly crooked at times, which is common of BBF's, but is easy to correct. The flavors start off with profound wood flavors, mostly of cedar, with hints of roasted nuts and tobacco. It becomes slightly creamy and more complex as it is smoked, and starts to show off touches of coffee bean and leather, while keeping it's woody profile. It has a strong, rich finish that makes this, I believe this is the best campana in the market. Medium-full bodied.


                      I have been a long time fan of the Churchill and Double Corona sized cigars so normally when buying Bolivar's I tend to favour the Gigantes as apposed to other sizes. During a recent buying trip to Cuba, a friend of mine convinced me to buy a box of the Belicosos Finos SLB. What a delightful suprise! I prefer a strong cigar and the Belicosos Finos did not disappoint. While it is definately stronger than the Montecristo No. 2, the taste was just as smooth and the burn was exceptional! This is a cigar that one wishes to savour from the tip to the nub. I should also mention that the construction of these cigars was excellent with no plugs noted. I now have two Bolivars in my humidor.


                        I gave it 9 in construction because it requires a slow burn. I on the other hand smoke them very fast which tends to make them run- but there are no plugs.Great addictive-like qualities and Bolivar flavor!


                          I bought this SLB to age, however, that is proving to be difficult. Fine earthy and woody notes dominate this little powerhouse smoke. A must have for every humidor!!


                            This is a must try cigar. Full flavor, full body. I will never be without this one in my humidor. It really brings out the best in cuban cigars. Might just be my all time favorite. Woody with a hint of spice. Anyone who enjoys cuban cigars should try this one and you wont regret it. Thanks cuban lous for the amazing speedy shipment. Ive ordered 3 boxes from this company and all 3 boxes have arrived in the U.S.A.. within 4 days. WOW. Not to mention the shipping doesn't cost a cent. Its free. Thanks cuban lous.


                              I was blown away by this cigar. It was a very pleasant surprise. Slightly shorter than a Montecristo or Upmann no.2, this smoke would give either one of them a run for their money. Very nutty flavors are balanced by a sweet finish. WOW!


                                an absolutely great cigar!! tasty, smooth and a great draw. this cigar rates higher than the pro larranaga ( and i think their good) rates higher than a cuaba ( really like them)
                                and perhaps rates higher than my former fave......montechristo.......WAIT, hmm i better order one of each and do a side by side taste test, will get back to you later :0)


                                  Everything you could want in a cigar. Perfect burn every time with that strong Boli profile of floral spices. I had to buy 2 cabs from Kevin to fulfill my needs. Thanks Kev!


                                    Wow! What a nice Cuban Cigar! I`m used to a strong cigar and this one is very mild to my Palate. The flavor and aroma are unbelievable! The construction and draw are great. There`s nothing that compares to a real Cuban Cigar! Cuban Lou`s has the best prices, the fastest shipping, and also free priority shipping WOW!! The cigars are the freshest Cuban Cigars in the world and are stored in a government boded humidor. It`s a dream come true. That`s why I have bought 7 boxes in just one week and will be buying some more right now! This cigar is a must have in everyones humidor! Fantastic!!


                                      Ive smoked a few of these guys and the draw is great unlike what ive heard from a few fellows. the flavors are complex an great as well!


                                        This is a great smoke for a change of pace. They arrived in pristine condition and fresh, fresh, fresh! I let it rest a few days from the long journey and then decided to smoke one. Absolutely fabulous - loaded with smoke and flavor. The wrapper was beautiful and this cigar was a joy to smoke. From beginning to the very end it was well balanced and flavorful. I'll put this one away and order another. You will not be disappointed.

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                                          Bolivar Belicosos Finos SLB (25)

                                          Bolivar Belicosos Finos SLB (25)