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Bolivar Coronas Junior (25)

This is another cigar with the same gauge as a Corona but only 110 mm. (4 3/8 inches) long. It can a..

143.00 USD 125.00 USD

Bolivar Petit Coronas (25)

He who believes that all Marevas are the same lacks subtlety. There are similarities and big differe..

159.00 USD 145.00 USD

Bolivar Tubos No.3 (25)

This is a small sized havana. Earthy, spicy and a hint of sweetness. There is a real zing to this ci..

155.00 USD 133.00 USD

Cohiba Exquisitos (5x5) New Arrival SPECIAL DEAL

Cohiba Exquisitos (5x5)

Good combustion and draw make this seoane by Cohiba a lovable Habano whose company is short-lived. A..

245.00 USD 227.00 USD

Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos (25)

The new Cohiba Maduro 5 line will feature three different sizes. In addition, the Maduro 5 wrappers ..

495.00 USD 467.00 USD

Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos (25)

The new Cohiba Maduro 5 line will feature three different sizes. In addition, the Maduro 5 wrappers ..

259.00 USD 247.00 USD

Cohiba Robustos A/T (15)

This Cohiba Siglo vitola has made the Robusto one of the most demanded Habanos in the market. This i..

322.00 USD 288.00 USD

Cohiba Robustos SLB (25)

This Cohiba Siglo Vitola has made the Robusto one of the most demanded Habanos in the market. This i..

437.00 USD 377.00 USD

Cohiba Siglo II SLB (25)

The Siglo line by Cohiba arrived to make the brand complete. With greater lightness, freshness and r..

295.00 USD 263.00 USD

Cuaba Divinos (25)

This cigar is totally unrelated to everything you have seen about Habanos so far. In fact, the small..

135.00 USD 125.00 USD

Cuaba Tradicionales (25)

Judging by its name, this was the original format which inspired the Cuaba brand and which has been ..

159.00 USD 145.00 USD

Fonseca Delicias (25)

Here is another unusual format, this time from Fonseca, a little shorter than the Mareva and the Lon..

89.00 USD 77.00 USD

Fonseca KDT Cadetes (25)

The smallest of the Fonseca family, with an unusual format. Like all those bearing its name, it seem..

83.00 USD 72.00 USD

H.Upmann Coronas Major A/T (25)

Its name may prompt mistakes since we are dealing with a Mareva. A small Upmann, but powerful and wi..

132.00 USD 119.00 USD

H.Upmann Magnum 46 SLB (25)

The Magnum's flavors come out fully toward the middle. Corona Gorda and it's very impressive: beauti..

229.00 USD 199.00 USD

H.Upmann No.2 (25)

The similarities with the Montecristo cigars are present in almost all the sizes of the Upmann brand..

249.00 USD 225.00 USD

Habanos Seleccion Petit Robustos (10)

This Sampler Pack contains 10 petit robusto cigars, NOT found anywhere else:Two (2) cigars of each..

149.00 USD 133.00 USD

Hoyo Epicure de Luxe LCDH (10)

This is a very flavourful Hoyo de Monterrey smoke. Released in 2012 exclusively for the Casa del Hab..

109.00 USD 95.00 USD

Hoyo Epicure No.1 SLB (25)

The new generation Habano that is leading the market. Its refined presentation is the logical finish..

235.00 USD 215.00 USD

Hoyo Epicure No.2 SLB (25)

It distinguishes itself from the other Robustos because of its texture, which is spongier, and the p..

209.00 USD 195.00 USD

Hoyo Le Hoyo de San Juan A/T (15)

Le Hoyo de San Juan is the new heavy ring gauge vitola incorporated into a historic brand that is re..

205.00 USD 187.00 USD

Hoyo Petit Robusto SLB (25)

Mild and earthy beginning. Evolves progressively without being aggressive. A very pleasant cigar. Re..

182.00 USD 159.00 USD

Juan López Seleccion No.1 SLB (25)

This cigar was Havana of the year in 1998, in both Spain and France. Awesome texture, great taste an..

199.00 USD 185.00 USD

Juan López Seleccion No.2 SLB (25)

Together with the Seleccion No. 1, these are undeniably the two best cigars from Juan Lopez. These c..

195.00 USD 177.00 USD

Montecristo Edmundo (25)

Named after Edmundo Dantes, hero of Alexandro Dumas' famous novel "The Count of Montecristo", the Ed..

249.00 USD 235.00 USD

Montecristo Media Corona (25)

This vitola is a Habano of intense flavor and nice smoke, with woody, dry and sweet touches, providi..

143.00 USD 125.00 USD

Montecristo No.4 (25)

This Mareva from Montecristo is the world's most-sold Habano. It is the epicenter of all medium-size..

169.00 USD 155.00 USD

Montecristo No.5 (25)

With a gauge of 40 and a length of only 102 mm, this is one of the smallest Montecristo cigars and o..

144.00 USD 129.00 USD

Montecristo Open Master (20)

The format "Master" for the first time makes a classic Robusto an integral part of the MONTECRISTO b..

189.00 USD 170.00 USD

Montecristo Petit Edmundo (25)

This is a shorter version of the Montecristo Edmundo. It retains all the qualities and flavors in a ..

209.00 USD 192.00 USD

Montecristo Petit No.2 (25)

The new "smaller" release of the iconic Montecristo No.2 - this is a shorter version of the popular ..

229.00 USD 208.00 USD

Partagás Aristocrats (25)

A perfect afternoon smoke. Strong and quick with a kick at the end. ..

105.00 USD 93.00 USD

Partagas Habaneros (25)

Small cigar with powerful finish. Great after dinner smoke with pepper notes...

95.00 USD 83.00 USD

Partagas Serie D Sampler Special (40) New Arrival SPECIAL DEAL

Partagas Serie D Sampler Special (40)

Partagas Serie D Sampler Specials1 x Partagas Serie D No.4 - Box of 101 x Partagas Serie D No.5 - Bo..

364.00 USD 298.00 USD

Partagás Shorts (25)

Delicious is the adjective that best fits Partagas Shorts. As the cigar name suggests, Partagas Shor..

138.00 USD 127.00 USD

Punch Coronations A/T (25)

This cigar is hard to find under "Coronation" name, it has the same qualities as the well known Peti..

135.00 USD 113.00 USD

Rafael González Petit Coronas (25)

A Mareva is a format Gonzalez Marquez, a renowned expert in medium sized cigars, could not be lackin..

149.00 USD 135.00 USD

Ramón Allones Small Club Coronas (25)

A special format for a special market. It is hard to believe that someone might want a shorter Monte..

133.00 USD 115.00 USD

Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro (25)

The Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro is a mild-medium flavorful petit cetro that is good for a wed..

109.00 USD 97.00 USD

Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.3 (25)

A magnificent format from Romeo y Julieta, with a splendid blend and deep aroma and flavor. A demons..

217.00 USD 198.00 USD

Sancho Panza Non Plus (25)

It is obvious that the Non Plus does not need to “go further”, nor is that its intention. This Hab..

145.00 USD 125.00 USD

Vegueros Entretiempos (16)

With its new image and presentation in 16-unit metal tins, the Vegeuros brand is introducing a blend..

109.00 USD 94.00 USD