Cuban Lou's Cigars Launches New Site

Posted by admin 08/02/2016 9 Comment(s) Latest Cuban Cigar News,

On behalf of everyone here at Cuban Lou's Cigars, I would like to welcome you to our new and improved web site. We decided that the new design would be very simplistic and user friendly while presenting our cuban cigars in a clean and clear manner. We are evolving as well with the new trends in web site design; nice big and clear fonts, easy navigation, and an uncluttered design.

Over the years we have had a few different looks, here is a trip down memory lane:

Circa 2004 - 2007

Circa 2007 - 2009

Circa 2009 - 2013

Circa 2013 - 2014

Circa 2014 - 2015

We'll be posting some blogs over the next few weeks explaining features, etc new and old of the new Cuban Lou's Cigars Website.

Have a great smoke!

9 Comment(s)

Rich Schemmer:
02/03/2017, 11:43:21 AM, www/

i'm in for a 2x T-shirt, Tried many other Cuban sites, Cuban lou's is the very best. been a customer since 2005. Looking for Partagas Maduro No. 1 , hope you stock them soon.


Thank you guys. Received my two boxes of #4's and Opens. Question, what are your thoughts on freezing the cigars upon receipt before storage. A few years ago I had a problem with Trinidad's, sad story, and now I just routinely refrigerate for a few hours, then freeze 24. Thanks

Tracy Shellabarger:
12/12/2016, 07:45:22 AM,

I agree with the earlier posters. It's time for a Cuban Lou's t-shirt offering!

11/12/2016, 11:08:17 PM,

The best site! thankss

Peter D.Ortiz:
11/10/2016, 10:02:02 PM

I believe that the new website is much more user friendly and look forward toward To much more business transactions in the near future.

James Conti:
25/09/2016, 06:21:22 PM

I was thinking of a jet lighter with the Cuban Lou new 21th century logo to fire up those wonderful cigars grown and matured in that majestic Caribbean Island.

Kevin Boyer:
13/09/2016, 10:17:51 PM

I'm on board for a Cuban Lou T-shirt!!! Don't be afraid to offer a nice Ceramic 16" Cuban Lou astray as well!

11/07/2016, 03:03:33 PM

How about some Cuban Lou's t-shirts for sale?

Julio Heng:
26/04/2016, 12:35:40 PM

Great re-design on the website. I think it makes browsing easier and I just finished a purchase which took all of about two minutes (at most). Thanks for the years of great product and service and look forward to many more.

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