Cigar Review :: Partagas Serie P No.2

Posted by lukas 12/05/2016 5 Comment(s)

The Partagas Serie P No.2 was released in 2005 as an answer to the dominating Montecristo No.2. Both are Piramide shaped and measure 6.1" x 52, and what the P No.2 may lack in elegance, it makes up for in sheer strength and a flavor profile that is hard to beat. Its dark and shiny wrapper commands respect, and fans of really strong cigars will hardly do any better. Together with the Lusitania from the same brand, the P No.2 is one of the top powerhouses that come out of Cuba. That naturally doesn't exactly make it a good choice for beginners or too early in the day. It is best enjoyed after a rich dinner with a lot of time and patience.



The P2 has a strong tobacco opening with dominant earth tones. It takes a while to start developing signature partagas flavor, but when it does... Boom. Lots of leather and cedar enter the mix, while the earth tones remain. The whole second half of the cigar has a creamy, long lingering aftertaste, while the last quarter is surprisingly sweet; like a main course that transforms itself into a dessert.

It features an easy, effortless draw with lots of smoke. It's the poster child for the term full-bodied and can hold its own against any serious single Malt in a pairing. In fact the combination of peat and this smoke is so irresistible, that an Islay Malt is almost mandatory. Where more gentle cigars, such as the Hoyos or Trinidad, get completely lost in the peat, the P2 thrives and fuses with the heavy, yet sweet flavor of the Scotch. 



All in all it is a very gratifying and satisfying smoke; one of the best in any category.
When smoked carefully, it provides easily 70 minutes of smoking time, which is a lot, especially for a strong cigar. Regardless it is very hard to put down and a must have for any experienced aficionado. 

It is usually marketed in boxes of 10 and 25, as well as a tubed variant in boxes of 15.

Enjoy your Smoke !

5 Comment(s)

Dan Katz:
07/02/2017, 12:50:50 PM

I'm on my third - or is it fourth - order of this delicious cigar and it is without question my favorite cigar at this size. While full-bodied in flavor, it is not "strong." If you've not tried this cigar, it's worth an order.

10/03/2017, 09:40:58 PM

HI - I am curious if you are in the US and have purchased successfully from Cuban Lou's. Please let me know I am interested in buying but concerned that my cigars will be confiscated by customs. Regards Ray

14/01/2017, 12:54:52 PM

Just one of the BEST new releases out of Cuba in years!

11/12/2016, 11:07:35 PM,

This is my favorite cigar.

David Lovit:
23/11/2016, 11:42:32 AM

excellent cigar.

06/06/2016, 01:19:22 PM,

Sounds like a good, long lasting cigar. Sometimes you want a nice long experience with one, even if it is strong!

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