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The Cohiba Robusto, sized 5x50, is definitely one of the flagships of its brand, size and the whole cigar industry itself. Even among most other Cohibas, which are all triple fermented and made with extra care, the Robusto stands out as a go to smoke for aficionados. While all cigars of this size are called Robusto, this is one of a handful that actually carry that name on the box.

The Cohiba Robusto has a fairly light wrapper and a beautiful tobacco smell before lighting up, smooth and inviting. The pre light draw is easy and tastes of tobacco and cedar. It takes right off with a gentle but complex mixture of nutty and earthy flavors, with underlying leather notes. It has not only a recognizable taste, but some can also tell by the smell of the smoke that someone in the room is smoking this brand.


The draw, as with all Cohibas, is effortless and smooth. It gives you a prefect amount of smoke, just right to let your taste buds absorb all of its finesses. The easy draw and good construction allow you to take your time between puffs. Having the proper rhythm and breaks between draws prevents the cigar from becoming too hot or burning improperly, ensuring a maximum experience.

The first half evolves slowly, as strong cedar aromas begin to enter the mix as you progress. It is gaining strength in the second half, keeping it interesting until the end. The finale is potent, but sweet and creamy. It rounds up the cigar into a wholesome and satisfying experience. Overall smoking time 60-70 minutes average.


While cigars, especially ones like this, are usually presented in pairings with Cognac or Scotch, both of which suit it more than well, I smoked it with a large, sweet latte. I feel that the nutty flavors of the cigar complement the gentle coffee taste in the latte, while the milk completes the creaminess of the cigar. This makes it an excellent cigar for a lazy Sunday morning on the patio.


The Cohiba Robusto was my first cigar ever, and is what got me into cigars. If you have tried it, you will know why. If not, you need to treat yourself to a box and find out.


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